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Here’s a recap of the three steps from the exercise in the video:

1) For the next 24 hours, be aware of your negative thoughts and comments. Get clear on the ones that come up most frequently for you.

2) Write down the most common ones down one a piece of paper (no more three).

3) Next to the negative comment or thought, write down the positive counterpart (i.e. “I will never achieve my goals.” … “I was made perfectly and can achieve anything I set my mind to.”)

Then, begin replacing the negative thoughts / comments with their positive counterpart in your daily life and interactions. Refer back to your paper as a reminder (maybe hang it in a prominent place on your dresser, mirror, etc.) Remember, this is s process! Thank you for taking this first step, to take back you life, ignite your possibility and change your world.

Take a moment to share your comments on this exercise below!

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Hi Heather, kudos for taking the time to do the exercise! Awareness is the first step, now you are empowered to start changing those actions and thoughts – be positive for YOUR life like you are for those around you. You deserve it! Let us know how it goes as you change your language and thoughts, we can’t wait to hear how you “ignite your possibility and change your world”. Enjoy the process!

Hi John, I did this exercise and it was so eye opening. I realize that I have given up on some of my dreams. I have noticed that I don’t believe things will change in certain areas of my life. I also noticed that I am more negative than I thought. I am totally positive when it comes to other people and their issues but when I think of mine, I tend to be negative, that what it would take to change would be too overwhelming.
Thanks John, for helping me become more aware!

Hi John. I enjoyed hearing a recap on the things you share.The positivity message is the ground floor for everything else to follow. I have a folder where I keep all of your messages, so when I or those around me need them, your messages can be reused.

Mike: Thanks my friend….You must be the most loyal reader I have! Thanks for the binder and for looking back at them for inspiration! Thhat totally fires me up, my friend! Have an awesome night and thanks! J

Brother Pat, your words mean more than you know. Thank you for taking the time to share. And thank you for ALL that you do. Please let me know if you ever need a thing.

Your strength and optimism is tremendous and while we see and read these comments and great quotes from others, nothing is more real and drills through to my core as when you share so effortlessly from your heart. Thank you.
This and other stories you have related are still with me.

By the way, Pat, I responded so quickly the last time I didn’t recognize it was YOU! My buddy from HR and real estate expert! Thanks for ALL you do and who you are! Please do let me know if you need a thing and keep up the great work;-)

I am looking forward to testing this exercise! I am very bad at thinking positive and I hope this helps boost my confidence.

Deanna, Amen! Glad to hear you are doing the exercise. Good luck with it and please come back and leave a comment about what you learned / experienced. Thanks for all that you do.

Of all the endless emails that I get daily at work. The emails from you are the ones I look forward to and can’t wait to read. They keep me positive and provide endless encouragement. Thank you for continuing to share.

Debbie, your words mean more than you know. Thank YOU for sharing and for all that you do. I hope you had a great day and hope you have an even better weekend.

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