The Death of Next Time

  “You define what is important to you by what you dedicate your time to.” – J. Sprinkles Last week at a conference for business owners, I wanted the leaders to open up their [...]


Vlog 34 :: Monkey Bars (A lesson in letting go)

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today’s vlog “Monkey Bars” shares a lesson in “letting go.” Today is your day! Live inspired. J

Pour Out Your Soda

“Sometimes what is the most obvious in others is the hardest to see in ourselves.”  Frequently in my Monday Morning Motivation blogs to encourage you to do something, improve something, risk [...]


Wednesday inspiration vlog survey

Please take this short survey to give John feedback on his Wednesday video blogs (vlogs). Create your own user feedback survey


Vlog 33 :: One Step to Be Happy (& Joyful) Today

In today’s Wednesday vlog, I share the one step you need to take to be HAPPY (and joyful) today… and every day. My friends, today is your day. Live inspired! J


The Teacher Cathy Collins

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward The last time I saw Cathy Collins was at her [...]


VLOG 32 :: Drive that bus!

In my Wednesday #Inspiration vlog today, I share why we ALL MUST CELEBRATE the work that we do each day. My friend, what you do each day is: worthy AND gives you the opportunity to elevate others [...]


On Fire Book Cover Options

John’s first book will be published by Simon & Schuster in spring 2016! In honor of his birthday yesterday, he’s sharing some of the book cover options! Please share your thoughts [...]


How to Have Your “Best Night”

“Embrace the lessons from your past, engage in the miracle of each moment, and ignite the limitless possibility of tomorrow.” – John O’Leary [Tweet this.] Ten years ago [...]


Vlog 31 :: Humility

Yesterday a second grader taught me a lesson on #humility during lunch in the school cafeteria. Back to the basics! Watch my Wednesday Inspiration Vlog for the lesson:

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