Live Inspired Podcast: S3 | Ep. 23: Lead Singer of 90’s hit ‘Freshmen’

Do it for the process. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Today’s guest is going to give you 90s nostalgia in the best way. He sold 2 million records. Played the David [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #115: Where Do You Celebrate Victories?

Often in life, we celebrate victories – whether they be at home, at work, or on the playing field- with extravagant feasts and lively parties. And many times, we celebrate in front of the [...]


Coming Full Circle

“Everything has a way of coming full circle. It takes patience and perseverance to see a dream through, to close that circle. Because some dreams, like some circles, can be much bigger than [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S2 | Ep. 22: Season Finale

Your journey is limitless, your life profound. The guests on our show are ordinary people doing extraordinary things on purpose. On this episode, we’ll celebrate the best insights from each [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #114: Do Your Best Anyway-Kim Scott

On last week’s #LiveInspired Podcast, my guest Kim Scott introduced us to Radical Candor, the concept of being extraordinarily bold and transparent while delivering truth from a place of [...]


Be Uncommonly Honest–Radical Candor

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S2 | Ep. 21: Kim Scott

We can fix our mistakes, only if we know we’ve made them. “Most of us don’t know how to have real honest conversation. Culturally today there’s a lot of yelling and finger [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #113: Yes And!-Plan B

In life, things don’t always go as we planned. In fact, seldom does Plan A work out the way we hope and expect. When things don’t go as planned, today’s #LiveInspired vlog calls [...]


Ask John: How to Deal with Unexpected Change-say, “Yes”

“You cannot progress until you say ‘yes.’ (YES= acceptance; not trying to control because you can’t change the facts).” – Travis Thomas Life doesn’t [...]


The Only Response You Ever Need

“Say YES. And you’ll figure it out afterward.” – Tina Fey The following is an excerpt from my #1 National Bestselling book On Fire. I was reminded of this story during a recent interview [...]

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