Remind People They Matter

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.” – Brene Brown Years ago while on a business trip to Milwaukee, Mark Sharenbroich discovered [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S4 | Ep. 40 Mark Scharenbroich

“You must be present to win. To win your relationships at work and at home – you must be present.” Bestselling author of Nice Bike, phenomenal leadership guru and longtime [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #132: We Are the Same

It seems the news has been focusing a lot on the things that divide us. But today’s #LiveInspired vlog reminds us that the things we have in common are so much greater than anything that [...]


The Teacher’s Legacy

“Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.” ― K. Page Have you noticed that sometimes the most important lessons take years to sink in? Perhaps it was something your music teacher mentioned [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S4 | Ep. 39 Ben Newman

“How you respond to adversity determines the story you write.” Life came at Ben hard and fast. When he was 6 months old, his divorcee mom was diagnosed with a rare disease and given [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #131: Shift the Tide of Society

Marshal Ferdinand Foch once said that “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Today’s #LiveInspired vlog reminds us that he didn’t say celebrities [...]


IN STUDIO – Webcast # 3

IN STUDIO – Webcast #3: Igniting Your Legacy Live Inspired IN STUDIO Webcasts are LIVE every third Monday of the month at 10:30 AM CST. If you are unable to attend the live broadcast, you [...]


How Heroes Are Made

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” – B. Ashton (Excerpt from my #1 National Bestselling Book ON FIRE.) Here he comes again. He’s been around for as [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S4 | Ep. 38 Nurse Roy

“Today we’re going to talk about the power of one. One individual. One action. One impact.” The truth that one person can absolutely change the world is one I learned from my [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #130: The Grand Celebration

Last week, as my family and I sat on the lawn watching our neighborhood 4th of July parade roll by, I was reminded of a “parade” I used to participate in each year growing up. Too [...]

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