Live Inspired Vlog #159: Find Time To Be Silent

Paying Attention to the Worthy Noise “Silence isn’t empty; it’s full of answers.” – Anonymous As I tucked my son Henry into bed earlier this week, he reminded me [...]


Fully Present

Pausing to Recognize What Really Matters “Learn to pause…or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.” – Doug King [Tweet this.] | [Share on Facebook.] My flights are reserved for writing. I don’t [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S6 | Ep. 66 Mike Mattingly

“I go to bed feeling grateful and I wake up grateful.”  Mike Mattingly is living life in reverse, and he couldn’t be happier about it. Though he has always had a passion for [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #158: Is 41 Old?

A Lesson on Perspective I’ve been thinking about perspective quite a bit this week, and exploring the ways in which our perspectives influence our views of the world around us. In [...]


Mom’s Final Gift

A Lesson on Living Forward “Love has no age, no limit and no death.” -John Galsworthy While speaking to a group of financial advisors in New Jersey earlier this month, I asked them to reflect on [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S6 | Ep. 65 Mike Robbins

“Gratitude is a muscle we have to continue to build.” Mike Robbins is the author of three books with a fourth out later this year. He has been featured in Forbes, the Wallstreet [...]


Live Inspired Vlog #157: The Gift of Hot Water

A Lesson on Being Grateful for All We Have The temperatures have been frigid throughout most of the country this week, and here in the Midwest, that caused our pipes to freeze. Meaning we had [...]


IN STUDIO – Webcast #9

IN STUDIO – Webcast #9: BEST YEAR YET Live Inspired IN STUDIO Webcasts are LIVE every third Monday of the month at 10:30 AM CST. If you are unable to attend live, you can access the video, [...]


Welcome the Promise of New Life

Asel Tamga Ignites a Movement of Unity and Love “Good is stronger than evil; love is stronger than hate; light is stronger than darkness; life is stronger than death.” – Desmond Tutu [Tweet [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S6 | Ep. 64 Gretchen Rubin

“Don’t wait for others to join you. Because you might wait forever.” Gretchen Rubin has sold nearly 3 million books worldwide and perhaps is best known for her books The [...]

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