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Welcome to Day 11 of the IN AWE 21-Day Challenge! Today we spark inspiration, meaning and joy by CHOOSING LOVE.

“Because I always have a choice, I choose love.” – Deepak Chopra

CHALLENGE: Choose to show your love today; through each of your small actions, interactions and words.

INSPIRATION: ‘Wanting’ to do something is so much more liberating than ‘having’ to do it. My wife Beth reminded me of this through a simple action and her corresponding words. One morning when I was tired after a work trip, she surprised me by putting a cup of coffee on the bathroom sink.

Beth –  who who doesn’t drink coffee – made a pot, poured a cup, ran up the steps and placed it where I couldn’t miss it. I dressed quickly, danced down the steps, kissed my four little ones and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. I asked why she made me coffee and she responded, “Because I wanted to.” Ah. I felt so loved.

ACTION: What is one thing you will do today for your family, housemate or neighbor out of love?Inspire us all by posting in the comments below or on social media tagging me and using #inawe. I can’t wait to read it… and will randomly select one commenter to win a copy of IN AWE!

My friends, today is your day! Live IN AWE.
John O’Leary

Did you know? 
The 21-Day IN AWE Challenge is inspired by John’s forthcoming book IN AWE. Preorder your copy + follow all the fun behind the scenes at ReadInAwe.com.


*One winner will be selected every day until publication 5/5/2020.

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  • Emily Pike

    I baked treats for my family. Just little gestures of love. An extra hug or an extra word of encouragement or praise go a long way. I appreciate when someone does something nice for me unexpectedly and I want to model that same behavior for my kids.

  • Jennifer

    The other day I went grocery shopping for my elderly neighbors, as they were too afraid to venture out on their own. I did my best to find everything on their list, but I wasn’t able to find the husband’s favorite cheddar popcorn from Trader Joe’s.
    Yesterday I saw that the popcorn was back in stock! I grabbed a bag and left it at their front door as a surprise.
    You would have thought they won the lottery! They were so grateful and told me that I made their day. Amazing that something that took so little effort on my party actually made such a big difference in their day.

  • Marie-Josée

    Today, I made a chick pea salad for my son, that He was asking me to do for a while…
    Actually, I made it with him, which is much more joyful 🙂

    I took the time and was rewarded by a happy boy!!!

    • John O'Leary

      Marie-Josee – I’m loving all of your comments on these pages. Wanted to let you know I’m seeing them and am grateful for them. ALSO I’d like to send you a copy of IN AWE once it’s released in May. Please send an email over to brian@johnolearyinspires.com and include the best address to send to. Thanks again my friend!

  • Cheryl

    Recently, and just before social distancing, I was behind a young couple in the grocery store. My cart was filled with all the things we wanted, not needed, at home. In front of me was a young couple with “items of basic necessities, all “store” or “generic” brands. They were working to put together their change to come up with the total due. I told the cashier to add their total to my groceries and told them to go on, their bill was paid. They looked at me in wonder and asked, “Why?” I said “Why not?” even before I ever read In Awe. I never shared this with any one at the time. I don’t like to pat myself on the back for doing what I choose to do, but this group of people understands, so it’s okay to share it here. You get it, you know that it means more to me than that young couple. Nice to relive that, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Deanna

    Choosing Love

    On Challenge Day 7, I was on the hunt for a picture of my childhood. I am blessed that my parents (dad-84 mom -81) live next door to me and I asked if they had any pictures of me when I was young. My dad knew he had some, but he needed to look through a few boxes. He and my mom found the box and brought over some pictures they found.
    Often, I take for granted that they are next door. They visit often and sometimes when they think we are not home (my husband is more understanding in this area) they use a spare key to leave a treat or surprise on our kitchen counter.
    Today, I wanted to give them a couple of muffins I had made to say thank you. I rang their doorbell and you would have thought I was a celebrity. They were overjoyed to see me! I believe my visit was the better gift than the muffins. FYI-The box of pictures that they found…brought them joy to see people they hadn’t seen in a long time. My mom organized them and made piles, so she good give them to family members and friends when she is able to get out and about. The love they have for us is undeniably endless!

  • Joel Boggess

    There is so much good we can all do in the world right now to brighten someone’s day. The comments I’ve read so far have been very encouraging and inspiring. I trust that everyone in this community continues to hold their head up, walk in faith, and believe, truly believe that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

    I’m going to send out at least 25 emails today to healthcare workers, to thank them for their efforts, patience and commitment to their patients and the pubic health during this season.

  • Jill

    I LOVE this one! I went to Costco to get some supplies. I had just had a conversation with the neighbors about how they were doing and if they had everything they needed. They said they were good but were running out of toilet paper. I wasn’t planning on it but they actually had TP in Costco so I picked some up for them. The line to Costco has been on quarantined entry for a bit now so kind of a line to get in. I hauled home some TP for them, had to assure them I didn’t need it as I was still working and we had TP at work being in the financial industry and husband is a pilot so we’re really good on TP. They have 3 people at home right now so using 3x plus more TP than us. I asked them to share with the other neighbors if necessary. This was AWESOME. I’ll also be checking in with them for housework or other pickups so they don’t need to leave.

  • John Oleary

    Seriously….I am the first one to comment?! Fine, I’ll go first and increase my odds of winning a book!

    After making Sunday breakfast for the kids to normalize the new realities, we went upstairs and watched our pastor live stream our church service. A Sunday service can be difficult with four kids even with peer pressure…it gets even harder at home with a dog walking in and out of the room…but it was a beautiful, reflective, prayerful time for us as a family and as a community.

    Afterwards, and this was the real action, I Facetiimed and texted some friends I knew could use encouragement….

    k….what about you?


    • Marie-Josée

      I am a little bit late on my challenge… but I’m still in!! 🙂

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