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Welcome to Day 12 of the IN AWE 21-Day Challenge! Today we spark inspiration, meaning and joy with FORGIVENESS.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and realize that prisoner is you.Lewis B. Smedes

CHALLENGE: Determine who you can offer forgiveness to today so that you can have more space for gratitude in your life.

INSPIRATION: I have been fortunate to meet thousands of incredible individuals throughout my speaking career, including musician Greg Brayton who reminded me the importance of forgiveness.

At just 8 months old, Greg went blind. Spending most of his life filled with anger + disappointment, finding forgiveness finally unleashed Greg’s full potential. By letting go of his anger, Greg began to see the light of life + beauty in each day.

ACTION: How can you offer forgiveness to someone (or yourself) to open more space for gratitude in your life? Consider writing a letter (to give or to keep), make a phone call, or schedule a coffee today.

Inspire us all by posting in the comments below or on social media tagging me and using #inawe.

My friends, today is your day! Live IN AWE.
John O’Leary

Did you know? 
The 21-Day IN AWE Challenge is inspired by John’s book IN AWE. Order your copy + see all the fun behind the scenes at ReadInAwe.com.

14 replies on “In Awe 21-Day Challenge – Day 13”

Due to many things that happened over a span from 1997 to 2018, if I did not forgive the people that hurt me or my family, I don’t think I would be here today. God paid the ultimate price for all our sins and if he had forgiven us all, who are we not to forgive a brother. Amen

I forgive my best friend. When we were 12 y.o I met boy in social media. We talked much and I felt him close to me. After some days I realized that this boy was a fake and his page was made by my friend. It was a big big lie. And I remember my feelings till nowadays. I want to release and forgive her. She changed and stopped lying me at all. So I forgive.

FORGIVENESS – Life can be full of hurts. Hurts we do to others and hurts others do to us. How do you forgive family members who have harmed you with their unkind words, their opinions of you and physical rejections? I realize I cannot force someone to see the other side of the coin. We make choices. I pray for myself and my family members to have forgiveness, to be healthy, safe and to be at peace. I strive to have no resentments. I do not live in the past. I forgive, forget, move on, let go and let God.

I need to forgive my wife’s ex husband.. but I can’t. He continues (after 10 years divorced) to try to make my wifes life miserable using her sons as pawns to hurt her. Someday, I will, but while he continues to be evil, I just can’t. So, I forgive myself..for a number of things: for putting my 2 daughters through divorce even though it was their mom who sought the divorce. There’s a reason she did and it’s because I wasn’t a good husband to her.I can’t imagine having divorced parents. It haunts me every day, but I need to let it go after 5 years.

Funny… this has been on my mind the last few days as I have been reading some of my student’s blog assignments that are tied in with The Positivity Project – 24 Character Traits that help spread kindness and the movement that Other People Matter! Many have been connected to Forgiveness and I’ve even assigned podcasts and blog posts from John O’Leary’s site for some of our assignments. I have found myself commenting back on my student’s posts that I too need to forgive myself or at least, stop beating myself up for past failures and let downs of myself and my family. I find it being easier when I do this to stay up and not get down and depressed when I disappoint myself or my wife by not doing what I said I was going to do. I have put things off for years & I see through many examples (this stay-at-home order is a biggie) that I cannot just keep putting things off any longer. So my students have really helped me with this – the teacher becomes the student! 🙂

I have been struggling (angry) with those people including members of my own family who refuse to comply shelter in place and continue to get together not just putting themselves at risk but putting others at risk. Though I do not understand their attitudes, I choose to forgive them and pray they will have a change of heart.

My dad remarried shortly after my mother passed away. I was a year out of college at the time. There were a number of things I resented about this arrangement and while we were both making an effort, this was a difficult adjustment. Karen referred to the drapes in the living room as ugly. These were the drapes my mother had picked out. While I understand her not wanting to move into another woman’s house, the comment really hurt.

Now I would have addressed it, but not liking confrontation, I just let it fester. Our visits were uncomfortable. I knew this was hurting my dad, but just couldn’t let go of the resentment. Finally after 7 years, I had a heart to heart conversation with her. I told her a wanted to put the past behind us and move forward. I shared my “ugly drapes” story. She didn’t remember making the comment.

We’ve gotten along really well since that time. What a waste of 7 years…….. Don’t let an issue fester, you’re only hurting yourself.

This is a good one also…
I remember a few years ago, I wrote a long message to FB messenger to my mother’s ex-boyfriend.
This man terrorized us from my age 6-13. I saw and was put through things (along with my mom) that no one (adult or child) should have had to experience. Needless to say, it colored many aspects of my world.
In short, I forgave him for all that he did to us.
It was freeing and liberating for me! I even said in the message that he didn’t need to contact me back, nor did I want him to.
He didn’t.
The forgiveness was done on my part, and that’s what was important for me and for my family.
Yes… The childhood experiences are still there, but they don’t have a hold on me, my spirit, or my future.
I forgiven (and asked for forgiveness) from a lot of people over the years. But the act toward my mom’s ex-bf stands as the most powerful and meaningful one for me.

This morning in my readings, “sometimes the more familiar we are with someone the harder it is to actually see their goodness.”
I often find myself highlighting faults and weaknesses of those closest to me. It often leads to my own faults and weaknesses. Today, I will make a list of those who are closest to me and find how God is alive in their lives and find gratitude for who they are.

Deanna my friend – I’m loving that you’re so thoughtful throughout this challenge, and this comment is certainly no exception.
What’s the best address to send you a copy of IN AWE once it’s released next month? Shoot that address over to brian@johnolearyinspires.com.

Awww! Thank you John for your thoughtful and kind words. I preordered a copy of IN AWE a few days after I began this challenge. So I’d like to gift it back to you and choose someone who continues to shine throughout this 21 Day Challenge. Blessings to you and your family.

How can you offer forgiveness to someone (or yourself!) to open more space for gratitude in your life? Consider writing a letter (to give or to keep), make a phone call, or schedule a FaceTime call today
I love gratitude but never thought of it in the way of forgiveness, this is beautiful. I must offer myself forgiveness for not continuing my at home workouts as religious as I’ve been to the gym. I’ve been failing myself and I will tell myself it is okay and I can get the hang of it in the upcoming weeks. I can find motivation each day even if for 20 minutes. I can work as hard if not harder in the times of quarantine. I can be grateful I have the legs that operate normally and body weight exercises will be good for me, not everyone can do that and I need to pull my head out and get it going because I CAN DO THIS! Cheers to the best day! #inawe

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