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Welcome to Day 7 of the IN AWE 21-Day Challenge! Today, we spark inspiration, meaning and joy by remembering the good ole’ times!

“Sometimes you don’t realize how good the good old days were until they are gone.”

CHALLENGE: Quit reading the headlines! Instead, get out the old shoe boxes, albums, (or phones!) and enjoy reliving fun memories through your old pictures.

INSPIRATION: This is one of my favorites. When I was 9, what fired me up the most about getting out of the hospital was the plan to see something I’d never seen before with my family: the mountains! So, 18 months later, this picture was taken in Colorado. I’m the good looking kid in red, surrounded by my siblings, celebrating a difficult climb we’d made for many months, together.

ACTION: Post your favorite picture celebrating your good old days. When you do, please tag me and use #inawe. (You can also share in the comments below.) 

My friend, today is your day!  Live IN AWE.
John O’Leary





Did you know? The 21-Day IN AWE Challenge is inspired by John’s new book IN AWE. Order your copy + see all the fun behind the scenes at ReadInAwe.com.

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  • Anastasia Kryhina

    This is 15th of June 1018. Amazing day with amazing person. It was a second anniversary together with my boyfriend. We were free and full of love.

  • Barbara K

    Good ole days in my Carondelet neighborhood. Playing outside until the street lights came on. What a fun and easy time.

  • Gracile

    when I was 6 years oldo we moved from Lima city to Tomayquichua a little and beutiful village in Huánuco, very close to the jungle & still mountains and andes, we lived there for 2 years, and they were the most amazing years of our childhood, listening the big rive Huallaga, climbing the trees, drinking from eye waters in the woods, growing our food, no electricity, we love those moments!

  • Joleen

    Just posted 4 58 year old pics of the family on FB. Brother and Dad have since passed. So fun to think about life back then. Thanks for the nudge to be in awe! #inawe!

  • Dawn

    I recently sent a picture that came up on my phone with some of my former students – several who have already graduated from college. The picture was from a trip we had taken for a competition. One of the “boys” who messaged back could tell me the exact day. We shared a good laugh about the trip.

  • Jackie

    These are the good ole’ days. Every day is a gift, even these hard ones. One memory for us in being stuck at home and social distancing will be the family walks we didn’t have time to take before. I couldn’t figure out how to post a picture either, of my husband (aka Paw Paw), daughter and 4-year old granddaughter. She is clueless (as it should be) of everything going on in the world but delighted to have this time! Making memories every day. #inawe

  • Connie Strand

    We went on camping trips each summer. I have great memories of those trips. I would post pictures of family camping trips here, but I’m not in the same location as my pictures. ?

  • John Daly

    The Good Old Days – There have been plenty for sure & many of them at the house that I grew up in. I put it out on Twitter… https://twitter.com/coachtosuccess/status/1249411090200645635?s=20 Great reminder for this Challenge. #inawe is going to be a great experience when the book comes out. 🙂

  • K2

    Couldn’t figure out how to get a picture posted here, but it was a pic of me and my brother ten years ago that I didn’t even know it existed. It was his 40th birthday, and brought a tear to my eye. Just going through trying to find a picture was such a blessing, as it brought me back to so many fun times that brought a smile to my face. #inawe

  • Sue Graff

    Photos of my dad and his six daughters. He passed away in July after 62 years of marriage to my amazing mom.

  • Sue

    Me and my sisters a long, long, long, time ago taking a nap. I was willing to share it here – but on social media, not so much. Did I mention my sisters are 7 and 8 years older than me?

  • Marie-Josée

    In the good olddays… It was so simple and spontaneous!


  • Lori

    I couldn’t post a picture here, but I was going to post the first picture I ever saw of my husband in 2002. We met online and he had a coworker take a picture so he could send it to me after we started talking. He is the second-best thing that ever happened to me (Jesus is #1!) and I am grateful for all he brings to my life.

    • John Oleary

      This is awesome Lori! Thanks for posting my friend. Tell the second best thing to ever happen to you I say hello! K

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