Monday Motivation

Deeper Than That

John O’Leary shares how his conversation with Laila Ali taught him the importance of looking at what connects people versus what divides them.   “Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance ourselves. And only…
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The Cold Within

Today, every topic broached is immediately polarizing and leads to rigidly drawn lines between two opposing sides. John O’Leary shares how to veer away from this hostile, divisive path and instead draw a new inclusive one. “Love is wise; hatred…
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We See Things Not as They Are

Ralph Waldo Emerson celebrated, through his life and writing, the beauty of nature, goodness of human beings and importance of optimism even though he experienced significant hardships throughout his life. John O’Leary shares how the experience of the father of…
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switch seats - find meaning in life.

Switching Seats

John O’Leary writes about the difficult times we’re experiencing and how it’s easy to get stuck in the negativity. He shares what it means to actually live and offers one simple thing to reestablish meaning in your life. “The…
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The End of Powerlessness

Four years ago, I wrote an article about the deep divisions in our political system, the mighty challenges facing society and the pervasive negativity of the people. Although the article was written in 2016, the content is, unfortunately, even…
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