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Welcome to Live Inspired In Studio – Preview Day 3! Today we get to ask and answer my favorite question: “What more can I do?” 

Don’t worry, I am not really asking you to do more. I am instead asking you to be more intentional, which might free you to do a little less, but to do it a little more effectively, with a little more joy.

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In today’s video, we celebrate incremental growth, what it means in the longterm for us and for those that matter most to us. Watch the video below.

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Reflect and journal about something or someone that matters to you. A child, partner, spouse. A project at work, hobby at home, area to improve personally, but you’ve been too busy to focus on.

What’s one thing you could do this week? That just might benefit the situation? It could be an action, new thought process or daily prayer.

What more can you do to ensure that this thing, relationship, project, person, hobby, life is even better tomorrow than it was today?

This is your day. Live Inspired. 

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  • Cindy Warr

    YOU ARE MY NEW BFF… I fell in love with your message at GTC Vegas in April… Your message of HOPE and BEING the BEST ME possible! Your message of being agents of light, hope and life to a dying world. I signed up for your in studio and am excited to learn and grow! I want to be the best me possible, while lovings others deeply and unconditionally. This world needs MORE light! Thank you John for sharing your story of HOPE and not hiding behind what God has done and is doing in your life! God Bless you! 🙂 (Cindy, Kentucky)

  • Allison Clark

    Meeting you backstage at Arbonne GTC was a moment given to me by God. Your story has encouraged me to keep going with my busy but blessed life of being a wife, raising eight children and growing my Arbonne business. I know we were all created for greatness. You have been put in my path to challenge me to keep moving forward into that greatness because He demands it – thank you!

  • Tammy Benefiel

    John, I also saw you in Vegas at GTC. I walked away with such gratitude for your story, strength, inspiration, humor and mission. I’m looking forward to seeing you once a month on your live video. You are such a ray of light in a sometimes dark world. Thank you my friend!

    • John

      So glad our paths crossed in Vegas and so honored to get to see you once a month IN STUDIO!!!! See you May 15 — until then, stay ON FIRE! J

  • Colleen Gardiner

    John You are so Inspiring. I was fortunate enough to be at the Arbonne Conference in Vegas. I have listened to your On Fire Audio 3 times. I now look forward to reading the book. I love your question “What more can I do” Thank you for truly inspiring me. Keep being yOU! You are amazing

    • John

      Colleen, so happy to hear how much ON FIRE has resonated with you. Thx for sharing! We’re adding some WHAT MORE CAN I DO? wristbands to the Live Inspired Shop soon – keep an eye out! J

  • Lise

    Just heard and saw you at the Arbonne conference in Vegas. What an inspiration you are sir. I loved your humour. You are a phenomenal human being John and thank you for sharing and inspiring us to do more.

  • Lisa Coddington

    Thank you John! Your life revealed at GTC has made me realize I can be a better person! Thank you my friend and may GodBless you!

  • Lisa Coddington

    Thank you John! Your keynote speech at GTC has made me realize I can be a better person! Thank you my friend and may GodBless you!

  • Danielle

    I am striving to be a better person in every area of my life. If I can become a better version of myself – everyone close to and around me will benefit and then I can expand it further to arms length people, strangers, etc. I am no longer content to be the quiet, lazy (oh, that was a hard one to admit to) soul I have been. John, you inspire me with your inner strength.

    • John

      Danielle, thanks for your vulnerable share and for ALL you do. Today is your day, sister! Stay ON FIRE! J

  • sharon Dianne murphin

    love this !

  • Dunne Laura

    Thank you, John!
    Absolutely LOVED your GTC Keynote!
    You are such a beautiful soul! God Bless you and all you do!!!

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