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Welcome to the Live Inspired In Studio – Preview Day 1! Today, we’ll learn to embrace the power of gratitude to overcome the often negative image painted of our world.

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When we pay too much attention to the negativity around us and broadcasted to us: It can be difficult to see the possibility in our lives.

Learn how to ask and answer the question “Why me?” as a tool to choose to grow gratitude, celebrate possibility and change the world… beginning with your ownWatch the video below.

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“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.”

After you watch today’s video, you will be rewired to answer the question “Why me?” as a victor… not a victim. This exercise will remind you that what you have is truly enough and that your best days are yet to come.

My friend, don’t just watch the video or just do the journal assignment. It’s important that you watch the video to learn how to best ask and answer the question and then apply what you’ve learned to your life within your journal.

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  • Brad Overby

    John — Thanks so much from all of us at Tacony Corp. The collaboration, vision, passion and purpose coming from our leadership teams was nothing short of awesome over the 2-day event — and it all started with your inspirational words. I can’t count the number of times one of our associates referenced your talk or reflected on the personal impact your words had. You are a blessing to us all and I know that many of us will be walking into work with our “why” front and center from this day onward. All the best to you.

  • Peggy Thorpe

    Thank you so much for the inspiration you gave me when you spoke at the Arbonne GTC in Vegas recently. You have made an impact on and in my life. I went through the most emotional experience in my life last year and your question “What more can I do”? certainly rang a bell with me. Because of a decision I made almost a year ago I did something that has affected someone in a major way and I have deep guilt for it. So I now ask myself, what more can I do! I want to help right a wrong and I have been working on that since last summer but you have inspired me in a new way, so thank you so much for that.

    God Bless

  • Lanan Dixon

    So amazing to hear you speak! Your story is certainly amazing! As a physical therapist I get to go into people’s homes hear their stories ever day! It’s truly a blessing to meet so many beautiful and amazing people. I have two beautiful daughters who struggle with anxiety and depression and my youngest some more serious mental health battles. Some days are harder than others to ask the right Why Me? Especially when they bombard you with negativity. But I try to convince them every day that they are brave, strong, gigantic hearted, wonderful young ladies. Thanks for your wonderful motivation to stay positive and not let the daily battles bring me down.

    • john

      Lanan, thanks for the amazing work you do to serve others everyday professionally AND at home. I am adding the big 3 questions (why me / what more can I do / who cares) to the Live Inspired Shop soon. Keep an eye out – might be a great daily reminder for your girls. Stay ON FIRE, Lanan! J

  • Celeste Phillips

    THANK YOU so much for your inspiring words, grateful attitude and serving heart. I was moved by your book and even more so by hearing you speak at Arbonne’s GTC last weekend! I have lived thru a childhood of being told I was never enough and am battling that tape even into adulthood. Your words have truly changed my way of thinking about my life and who I am from a victim to a victor who will fight to restore peace and love in my family. Not an easy task but one that I will win because of my Faith, determination, and a new found belief of gratitude in ALL circumstances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Donna

    Thank you. ❤️

  • Joann Whiteley

    Oh my I enjoyed hearing you at GTC 2017 what a blessing thank you for sharing you truly inspiring story.

  • Kevin Robinson

    John, My first few years as a registered Nurse was working in a trauma I burn center. I have seen more little kids like you than I care to talk about. I’ve even see a few individuals, who like you decided to be a victor over their burn not a victim. I loved your wholeness. Thank you for sharing this information with us at GTC.

  • Marcia Jones

    Thank you so much for speaking at GTC. I lost it when you played the piano. Amazing Grace is what we sang everyday to my dad in his coma till the day he passed. This was the first time I have left my family since my sister died and my dad went in his coma April 23, 2016 he passed June 14, 2016 God Needed me to hear You!
    You are an amazing person!

    • John

      So honored to have you with us. Taking time for yourself is so important and I’m glad you had the opportunity. Stay ON FIRE sweet, Marcia! J

  • Susan Sherlin

    Thanks for sharing at GTC, John! I am also from St. Louis (Go Cards!) and enjoyed your presentation so much. I have been a victim in the past, but no longer!

  • Shawn Love

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and your courage to make a difference in so many lives! Your book moved me to tears and help me realize that I can no longer play small in this lifetime! Too many people depend on ke to step up and wake up!

  • Kim

    Inspiring presentation at GTC Arbonne 2017. Thank you for sharing, inspiring entertaining and challenging me to be the best me.

  • Jodi Rickli

    Looking forward to this series. I absolutely loved your presentation at our recent Arbonne conference in Vegas. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to see you “live”

  • Lisa Ciao

    Thank you John for your message. I read you story years ago and again when you published On Fire!! Thank you for your work!! When asked “why me I always say Why NOT ME!!” I have a special needs son with a rare syndrome and have learned early on that he is the closest I will ever get to God on this earth. So thank you for the reminder of gratititude and to live EACH DAY with joy and love. I listen to your podcasts and look forward to In Studio. Thank you again. I look forward to someday meeting you in person.! Have a blessed day. Lisa Ciao

  • Pam

    I read your book then witnessed your vibrant spirit in Las Vegas that inspired me through my latest trial of my husbands cancer. Thank you for reminding me of how greatful I am for each I still have him with me.

  • Kellie Vogt

    Hi John!
    Why me? Why did I get to hear your message of positivity? Why did I get to be an Arbonne District Manager? Why did I get to become Embraced by Grace and experience Pure Joy at GTC? Thank you seems so inadequate! You have kindled my attitude of gratitude! I’m awake, and ready to live and love with intention!

  • Jo druelinger

    My husband left our family in the midst of his affair and was gone one year, but like the story of the prodigal returned after a year. While we did divorce that year, we are working to reconcile (two years in process)–and your message helps me to stop living as the ‘why me’ victim and begin to consider all the good that’s ahead. Thank you! (Saw you at Wilson event and was the last person in line yesterday but didn’t get a chance to share this in person!)

    • John O'Leary

      Thanks for your share, Jo, and for ALL you do. Here’s to being a victor in life and in love. Continue boldly, J

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