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Welcome to the Live Inspired In Studio – Preview Day 1! Today, we’ll learn to embrace the power of gratitude to overcome the often negative image painted of our world.

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When we pay too much attention to the negativity around us and broadcasted to us: It can be difficult to see the possibility in our lives.

Learn how to ask and answer the question “Why me?” as a tool to choose to grow gratitude, celebrate possibility and change the world… beginning with your ownWatch the video below.

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“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.”

After you watch today’s video, you will be rewired to answer the question “Why me?” as a victor… not a victim. This exercise will remind you that what you have is truly enough and that your best days are yet to come.

My friend, don’t just watch the video or just do the journal assignment. It’s important that you watch the video to learn how to best ask and answer the question and then apply what you’ve learned to your life within your journal.

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  • Jo druelinger

    My husband left our family in the midst of his affair and was gone one year, but like the story of the prodigal returned after a year. While we did divorce that year, we are working to reconcile (two years in process)–and your message helps me to stop living as the ‘why me’ victim and begin to consider all the good that’s ahead. Thank you! (Saw you at Wilson event and was the last person in line yesterday but didn’t get a chance to share this in person!)

    • John O'Leary

      Thanks for your share, Jo, and for ALL you do. Here’s to being a victor in life and in love. Continue boldly, J

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