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Join John on a new episode every Thursday to wake up from accidental living so you can do, be, achieve and impact more through your life. More simply said, so you can: Live Inspired. ­­

Every episode features a special guest who will share his/her story, successes, failures, lessons and life to help you uncover tips to apply in yours. Guests have included Joe BuckMike MathenyDave RamseyJon Gordon, Gretchen Rubin, Mark Sanborn, Andy Andrews, Jeff Goins, Wm. Paul Young, Laila Ali and other bestselling authors, speakers, thought leaders and inspired friends.

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Live Inspired Podcast: S6 | Ep. 56 Carlotta Walls LaNier

Youngest Member of the Little Rock Nine, Champion of Freedom & Congressional Gold Medal Recipient “I wanted the same opportunities as the next person. I was no different, other than skin [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 55 Season 5 Highlights

Success Leaves a Blueprint: Get the blueprint! “Success leaves a blueprint.” My friends, success leaves a blueprint and we are lucky to have 10 amazing guests who shared their [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 54 Richard Bach

Author of Johnathan Livingston Seagull “We are so much more than mortals suffering on this planet.” Each of the 50+ episodes of the Live Inspired Podcast I end by asking our guest the [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 53 Ozzie Smith

Humility, Being a Role Model + Baseball “Hard work and applying yourself to be the very best you can be every day: That is what life is all about.” Today my boyhood hero joins us. [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 52 John Ruhlin

Generosity as a competitive advantage: What to give (and not to give) in business and in life “Are you sowing seeds for 50-year relationships or 5-minute relationships?” Growing up 1 [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 51 Edie Littlefield Sundby

The Mission Walker: While Alive, Live. “I’d rather die on a mule in Mexico then on a bed at home.” Edie Littlefield Sundby had just mortgaged her home to start a new business [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 50 Curt Steinhorst

Can I Have Your Attention: Hacks to save your attention for things that really matter. Every 6 minutes people check their phones. Married adults spend more time online than with their spouse. [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 49 Dina Dwyer-Owens, Female Entrepreneur and Undercover Boss

Success Tips from a Female Entrepreneur & Undercover Boss “Profits are the applause you get for taking care of your employees and customers.” Dina Dwyer-Owens learned this lesson [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 48 Mark Sanborn, Author of The Fred Factor

How to Transform Failure into Success “It was out of abject failure that I learned to speak.” My friends, today we get to hang out with legendary speaker Mark Sanborn who has spoken [...]

Live Inspired Podcast: S5 | Ep. 47 Daniel Silverstein

Fashion Week with Zero Waste Daniel: An Inspired Twist on the Fashion Industry So many of us are experts at identifying what is wrong in the world, aren’t we? What sets today’s guest [...]

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