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Being out of bed doesn’t mean you’re awake.

We spend a lot of our lives going through the motions. We want to live our best lives, but we’re so busy that we usually settle for good enough. We hope tomorrow will be different, but we aren’t clear how to live differently. We make excuses for ourselves. And it leaves us feeling unclear, unguided and unfulfilled.

And today, our challenges are more complex than ever before. Yet, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Imagine waking up feeling alive, not just awake. Think about what you could accomplish if you stepped into each day feeling fully engaged and moved through life with joy, passion and inspiration. And picture the clarity of knowing your best days are yet to come.

You can do so much
more in life.

And John O’Leary will
teach you how.

When John was nine, a fire exploded and left him with burns on 100% of his body.

Doctors gave him a 1% chance of surviving—yet he did. And after enduring months in a hospital bed and years of physical therapy, John woke up to what really matters.

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Once expected to die, John now teaches others how to live. Decades after the fire, John now holds one of the greatest gifts of all: perspective. As an accomplished speaker, author and podcaster, John shares his perspective to awaken you to your life’s potential and energize you to live more thoughtfully, more boldly and more inspired.

Ignite a radically inspired life.

John’s debut book, ON FIRE, is a #1 national bestselling story of triumph in the midst of tragedy. Order now and discover how to reignite your passion for life.

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Rediscover your childlike wonder.

John’s second #1 national bestselling book, IN AWE, is a powerful guide to reclaim your childlike curiosity and excitement as you pursue a life of meaning and joy.

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I was crying & laughing throughout the whole book

This book takes you on an emotional journey to wake up and live your life. I was crying & laughing throughout the whole book, and I truly feel inspired. The author is an amazing success story and the trials he has tackled, inspire me to keep pushing forward and be a stronger person and live a life of purpose, love, and passion. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially those who feel like they are "stuck" or need to make a positive shift in their life.


Brilliant and Insightful

I had no knowledge of John's story prior to reading this book. I think this made it even more impactful. I listened on my commute and many times drove with tears in my eyes, the good kind. I recommend this book for anyone who doesn't quite know what to do next in life, or if you want to find more meaning and positivity in your day. Very insightful and great story telling along the way. — Sherri W.


Fantastic personal development book!

Definitely the best one I've read, yet. It was easy to read, hard to put down, caused occasional tears and a gut punch or two (or twenty) when you felt as though he were speaking right to you. I definitely recommend it! — Melinda

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