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“We must stop setting our sites by the light of each passing ship. Instead, we must set it by the stars.”
George Marshall

Perhaps you’ve seen the news lately and agree that our world is absolutely falling apart. The financial, labor, housing and manufacturing markets remain in crisis. Our education and healthcare systems face profound and chronic challenges. Over 500,000 Americans have applied for unemployment benefits; 30 million are now using food stamps. And these discouraging facts don’t take into account the challenges we face within our communities, in our families and on our personal journeys.

Tomorrow, however, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It provides an opportunity to step away from the pervasive negativity and grind of daily life. It invites us to reunite with friends, family and tradition around some dried-out turkey, undercooked potatoes and overcooked pies. It permits us the freedom to take a genuine look at our life and rediscover areas where we should be thankful.

During this holiday, remember that life is cyclical. Labor pain leads to the joy of new life; intense stretching leads to wild growth; adversity leads to the formation of real character; and loss (while always painful) leads to unexpected opportunity. It is from sincere gratitude that we develop the understanding that what we have may not be all we expected, but it is more than we need.

This Thanksgiving, turn off the news, ignore the headlines, engage in celebrating your blessings, and enjoy the light that radiates from the areas of your life that most matter. Through this process you’ll discover that the light of gratitude warms, is brilliant and doesn’t dim.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and continue igniting life!

John O’Leary | www.RisingAbove.com
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