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If you’re like me, you want to see the light of hope. You want to enjoy vibrant relationships, significant work, and real success. But, if you’re like me, there are also days when the long shadows of negativity from others, from business, and from the media cast darkness into your life.

Fork in the road

So, how can we choose to dance in the light even when the darkness of challenges and negativity surrounds us?  Last week I was fortunate to receive a great reminder.

Each day I get a list of individuals who ‘Subscribe’ to our Rising Above weekly newsletter.  The list is made up of individuals who stumble onto our site, are referred by a friend, or have heard me speak.  The list is growing, it humbles me, and it’s very exciting to be part of.

Ah, but all is not good!

There is another list: readers who accidentally choose to ‘Unsubscribe’ (looking at you, Dad…and not buying the excuse that it was an accident!).

My friends, we “unsubscribe” from things everyday.  We unsubscribe from unwanted memberships and undesired emails; we cancel cable packages and dinner reservations.

In truth, unsubscribing from gym memberships and newsletters is easy.  My invitation to you today is to think bigger, and opt out of the things actually stifling your best life.

Imagine if you chose to unsubscribe from:

  • negativity, limiting beliefs, anger, regret, and disappointment.
  • busyness, idleness, and pettiness.
  • empowering others to control your attitude
  • the belief that you can’t make a difference, can’t start that career, or can’t fix that relationship because you are too old, too young, too poor, too wealthy, or too insignificant.
  • the notion that you are entitled to anything (you’re not!) or that someone else’s success is your failure (it’s not!).

My friends, choose to unsubscribe from all things, people and beliefs that impede you from enjoying your best life.  They won’t completely disappear from your life, but their impact on you will.

And then subscribe to the beauty of today, the possibility of tomorrow and the truth that the best is yet to come.



John O’Leary


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Rising AboveOur mission at Rising Above is to encourage others to take back their life, ignite their possibility, and change their world.

Each day I post inspirational videos, thoughts, challenges and quotes on our community website.  Please join me at www.Facebook.com/SpeakerJohnOleary

John O’Leary


Join us live at YOUR Cross Roads!

<td >One incredible opportunity coming up is on February 13th in St. Louis.  We’re inviting author and speaker Wm. Paul Young to inspire our community.  He’s the international best selling author of The Shack and Cross Roads.  The event will be held at Maryville University from 5-7pm.  There is no charge, but there is limited space.

We had over 4,000 leaders enroll in the Tom Hill Institute. They enrolled from all 50 states and from 11 countries! I’ll provide additional information on their progress, how you can enroll in future classes and events open to the public.Rising Above

If interested in learning more, inviting a group, or holding your place, please email Molly@RisingAbove.com.

John O’Leary


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