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Your Love of Reading & Laughter: World Book Night 2013

Thanks to all of our light to non-reader Rising Above community members who wrote in to be entered to win a copy of the World Book Night books I was given to share with my friends to help spread “the love of reading person to person.” As a giver, it was my job to encourage non-reading community members to read a book! So, I chose the ever quirky and colorful Tina Fey’s Bossypants to entice those that love her humor, to now experience it through reading!

Thanks again for helping ME to smile and laugh over the last few days: it was a blast reading all of the jokes you shared, photos of yourself and your kids laughing and insight as to why laughter and reading are important in your life. We wish we could share all of the great stories that were sent our way, but to make sure we actually get them out for all to enjoy – we picked our favorites. Here they are:

Thanks again to all who entered! If your name was drawn in the raffle – you’ll receive an email by 1:00 CST today!

Why is laughter important in your life? How do YOU pass on your love of reading person to person? Please share in the comments below.

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