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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 7!
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Goals: they’re critical. When attached toward a compelling purpose for our lives, they fuel us over adversity. Even when we fall and fail (and we will!), our goals spark our ability to rise above, get up and continue forward.

Enjoy this clip from my The Power of One DVD about how setting a goal 25 years ago changed my life; and how setting a goal for yourself TODAY will change your life when you look back in 25 years.

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Please share one of your “It would be absolutely awesome if” statements from today’s challenge in the comments below.

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It would be absolutely awesome if I attained independent wealth , became a Super Star Director moved to the Keys and have a large enough home to help the lost youth of our society! I love benign a foster Mom but have to many kids if my own now! I want to continue blessing the lives of others where money isn’t an issue!

My wish and ongoing goal is to have a close,united,and loving family,(of 16) which has been in constant turmoil for the past 11 years due to traumatic brain injury and drug use from a terrible motor vehicle accident with little family support for recovery.

Toni – awesome goal. Your family and your connection to them is worth striving for each day. Celebrate the small victories, calls, interactions along the way…overtime those small instances will warm your heart and theirs. J

To know and understand fully the love of God. Only from that confidence can I cast out fear and become the person He intended me to be. At 63 years of age, some things have passed me by……but certainly not all things.

It would be totally awesome if I could finish my first series of books and get them published with a reputable publishing company. My books would become popular with “tween” readers and my stories would make a positive impact. I would keep writing; the stories I share would gain I popularity to the point that I would be able to become a full time writer.

If there was one thing I could do and I knew I would not fail, I would become a minister.
It would be absolutely awesome if I could go back to college for a degree in theology or preaching ministry within five years.

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