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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 3!
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My friend, gratitude sparks possibility. It sparks creativity, hope, knowing, certainty and connectivity! Enjoy this insightful video. I hope it inspires you for the beauty of nature, the gift of vision and hope for tomorrow.

What are you grateful for today…and why?! Share one thing with us in the comments below. 

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I am grateful that I was inspired to take the time tonight to finish my day watching such a beautiful video. Gorgeous pictures of gifts from a most generous and merciful God. I am blessed.

I am grateful for a God who could create all of this for our enjoyment, as well as creating gifts in others that they could build and invent such things for the benefit of man.

I am grateful for this video and the perspective it gives me on the power we each have on our own ability to create a good day and be a bkessing to others.

This reminds me to always be grateful. I will remember that I will never have each day to do over. I am compelled to open my heart to the blessings from God.Today is my birthday, I will now live each day as a birth- day, receiving and taking blessings to others.

Certainly a beautiful video and a great insight into what true beauty is all about. It’s in each and everyone one of us and nature is bountiful with beauty.

I am truly grateful, in advance, for getting to be a part of four generations coming together to celebrate a two year old’s birthday today! Life is like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and each piece that you finally recognize fits perfectly into it’s place can bring you joy and excitement. Keep looking for those pieces of life that you may have missed!

While I was watching this show on Gratitude, the phone rang. I answered it and one of my suppliers was calling for my office manager, Just to say how grateful they were and thank her for the order we placed last week. I could not make this stuff up.

I am grateful for my children and my soon to be new daughter-in-law Genna who is another person to love and cherish in my life. I am grateful that my son has found someone so lovely to spend his life.

Thx for sharing your gratitude, Pam! What a lucky family you have, to have a mother and mother-in-law who is so grateful…the best is yet to come! J

I am grateful for the opportunity to choose. The greatest gifts in the world are priceless but free of charge. We make a choice how we approach our endeavors everyday. You just helped make my day better! Thank You

You made MY day better with your note. Thanks for taking the Spark! Challenge, taking time to leave a note and for ALL that you do. Continue boldly! J

I am grateful for smiles. It is often commented that I smile often and I recognize that it is contagious. When ever someone smiles, I feel that energy spread to myself and others

I am grateful for the sunrise and anything that comes my way today. Grateful to be alive and hope I can make a difference, or just make someone smile.

I am grateful for my heart as it is my heart that allows me to feel, think pure thoughts, be grateful and to give. It is my heart that connects me with everyone and everything. It is my heart that is I AM.

This is so beautiful I had to share it with you. John is the speaker I heard at the New Orleans Convention Center
that I told you about. I believe his message and just this one on Gratitude is life changing- for me. Save this to
view when you really have time to take the message really in to your heart. This is a gift. My gratitude is your friendship.

I just watched this today and I was totally blown away with the beauty. I love sunsets and rainbows and get all excited when I am able to see them. I would say that I am most grateful for everyday that I’m allowed to wake up and see the beautiful sceneries around me and to know that my Lord and Saviour is in control of it all.

I watched this video and was amazed at the beauty. I, too, love to see what the sky holds; clouds, rain, sun, wind, or a breeze. These are blessing every day to me. I appreciate the people I meet briefly and I look them in the eye so we connect.
So grateful.

Thx for sharing — Marty! Keep up your gratitude for all the daily blessings in life. THAT is a gift, brother. Share that gift with everyone you meet. J

Today I am grateful for my family and friends. That thru thick and thin these people are here to support and lift me up. Just as I do with them. Life can be tough but it is up to you to make it easy!!!

Laurie — perspective is the first step, congratulations! Hopefully the Spark! Challenge will help you keep that perspective (and grow it) a little bit each day so that at the end of three weeks — it will be easier to carry it with you everyday. Note, note EASY, but EASIER — life is a process and a journey. Be patient and continue boldly. J

Today I am thankful for the blessings God has given me… My life, my husband and my 4 amazing kids! I am so thankful for the memories that we make everyday and that we are blessed with life everyday!

Today I am thankful for you, John, and that God spared your life and that you are thanking Him for that by giving others what you have gained from your experiences. I am thankful for the amazing Scentsy company that I joined last year and the gift of Scentsy that we can share with others! God bless you!!!

Today, I am grateful for 2 things….the gift of spending time with my husband who travels all the time! And I am grateful for the bluebirds that have been spending their day on our deck. Beautiful

Carol, thanks for sharing 🙂 Enjoy your husband and those beautiful bluebirds and this spring weekend! Keep engaged with your Spark! Challenge – you’ll be happy you did!J

I am grateful to look out my window and see trees. I’m grateful to have a dog who likes to walk, which gets me out into the neighborhood every day. Now, flowers are just starting to appear, and I’m enjoying the anticipation. Thanks for the reminder that beauty is all around us, and our lives are enriched by noticing it.

Kami – thanks for sharing your gratitude today! Keep sharing it with everyone you meet and enjoy those daily walks, especially as spring warms us 🙂 J

I am grateful to have a higher power (or intuition or angels or guides) in my life, that when I’m willing to open my eyes and really see, shows me everything I have to be grateful for. I just need to listen and see the wonder and feel the magic in the world which is my life.

I am thankful for my family and for my health. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer one year younger than I am now, she passed away at age 53. My father’s second wife, my step mother, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and passed away at age 48, my current age. Every day I am able to get up, go to work, see friends-family-coworkers, this is a gift and I am eternally grateful!

I am thankful for good health and my husband that stands by me during my trials. I am thankful for the wisdom of children and awsomeness of the elderly. I wish I could set at their feet daily. But of all gifts, nothing compares to the gift of Jesus Christ and all that he did for the world at the cross.

I’m grateful for the the internet that allows me to access and spiritually connect with people I could never dream of meeting or would never otherwise know existed as individuals. People who can share emotions from the other side of the world. It’s my belief and profound hope that peace on this Earth we share will be brought about by our best use of this gift God has allowed us to develop. Through it, if we try with all our hearts, we can accomplish as individual souls what governments have never been able to achieve: understanding enough, person to person to never want to fight another war. Instead, we can learn to work it out.

I am grateful for the many family, old friends and new friends that gave me the inspiration to pull through my darkest hours 8 years ago. And God’s grace to help too!

I have lived a truly blessed life with no major tragedy, lasting health, family that loves me, friends that support me, a meaningful career, two amazing little boys that give me the ultimate job of being a Mom. I do count my blessings often and I take the time to look at the sky and notice the clouds. But what I’ve realized is my gratitude remains mostly internal – nothing wrong with it being personal, but it also means it’s isolated. I don’t show it enough to those around me. I think that is what’s missing. I was at the Roeslein meeting last week. Your presentation left me very affected (not to mention nervous as heck to have to present after you! 🙂 I am thankful I heard you speak, super excited to take this challenge, and committed to having it matter.

I am grateful for waking up this morning, having a chance to hold my daughters yet another day! I am grateful for this spark 21 day challenge coming into my life when it did, it may be what I need to get my heart back where it should be. I am grateful for a wife that even though I am not perfect she is willing to go to counseling with me to try and save our marriage!

Thank you for sharing, John. What a beautiful thing: holding your daughter’s hand and pouring love into your marriage. Enjoy this day and all your gifts. J

I started this challenge likely much like many did, with the easy answers; my faith, my children, my husband, family, friends & job. When I began to have difficulty trying to come up with answers, I went with the less truly meaningful things like coffee, chocolate & thrift stores (I’m always thankful for a great deal & an awesome find, like a Gucci purse for $7.00). Then I watched the clip and I realized that I have so much more to be thankful for that I take for granted. Eyes that see clearly & ears that hear (not as clearly, but hear none the less). I am thankful for everyday I wake up healthy; by this age , my mother had been stricken with the cancer that would ultimately take her life. One of my greatest fears is dying young like she did and not being here for my children. Despite the health trials that I have endured, I am thankful for everyday that I wake up and draw breath. I am thankful for clean water to drink; there are so many people who don’t have it and all I have to do is go to the sink or the fridge and drink my fill. I’m thankful for food to eat; I have never gone hungry and God willing, I never will and neither will my children. So many must go without and I have whatever I need in abundance and for that I am thankful. A roof over my head, clothes on my back, a car to drive, a job to go to, the ability to provide for my children. The ability to walk, speak, taste and touch; I take so much for granted. I have so much to be thankful for, so many undeserved blessings.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Shawna. It is wonderful to sit down and take the time to be truly grateful isn’t it? Especially as we move closer to Thanksgiving next month. Keep your list – and pull it out from time to time to reflect on it as you near Thanksgiving. Keep that Spark! and keep letting us know how your challenges are going. J

There are many things I am grateful for. Most of them I wrote down yesterday as the things that are most important to me. Watching the video made me think of all of the things that I take for granted and how I should spend some time reflecting on how grateful I am for them. I also realize that there are times I take for granted some of the people and things I wrote down yesterday; even though they are important in my life. You get caught up in the grind of life and rush from here to there and are running late. Only to start it all over again tomorrow. I am grateful I realize I need to spend more time reflecting on these things.

I am grateful that I can wake up to another beautiful day. I am grateful that I am able to start this day with a smile, that I get to spend the day with people I love and even more grateful that they love me. I am grateful that I am going to watch a group of young children play ball and that I can see the joy and laughter in their faces.

Today I am grateful that the creator of the Universe, God Almighty has seen fit to fill me with His light and love knowing that I don’t deserve it! From this day forward, I will live my life with heartfelt appreciation for all He has given me out of that love!!!!

I am grateful for love, the emotion, the action, the ability to feel it and accept it, and the ability to feel it and give it.

I am grateful for all of the Lords blessings. I am thankful for my families health and happiness because try are my happiness. I am thankful for the ability to live in a world with no limitations, where we can paint our own journey. I am thankful I can walk, see, and hear. I am thankful for football too 😉

I’m grateful for my family as they are now and the fond memories of times that were not always easy but always real in in the now! And I’m grateful to sit in my office looking out over the salt marsh and seeing the red winged blackbird.

I am grateful I got to hear John speak in Vancouver at the Kiwanis convention. Because of this, and the Spark challenge, I want to make a difference in my community by creating a new service project that will change kids’ lives. I am not completely positive how I will affect this change but we have a meeting with our mayor in a few weeks and will kick off the program in a couple months. Spark is helping me channel this passion. I can’t wait to see where the journey leads me.

Kerry, thank you for sharing your spark and please keep us posted after you have your meeting with the mayor. Can’t wait to hear the wonderful things you put in place for your community! Thanks for ALL you do. J

I am so grateful that we were created with a DNA that intertwines itself with a need for, and a response to, the emotional underpinnings of life. I am grateful for sadness for it heightens joy, I’m grateful for the dark for it creates a relief in light, and I’m grateful for pain for it allows us to celebrate it’s absence.

I am grateful for God’s love, grace and mercy. Without that I would not be here. The fact that He allows me another day tells me He has a purpose for me to fulfill. He has not given up on me, for when that happens, my life in this world will cease to exist.

I am grateful for living in an area of the world where it is acceptable/legal to worship and praise and learn more about God. I am so thankful for His gifts of NATURE – birds, flowers, trees, sky, plants, animals, water, mountains, sea and so on. Not just ONE bird, but millions of different colors and different songs from birds. Amazing. I am grateful for five senses – to see, to smell, to hear, to touch.

I am grateful to God for creating life. Because of him I enjoy the beautiful things in this world, like family, love, and the gift of living. To often we take this for granted and then a life is cut short to remind us of this powerful message. Always be grateful because it can be abruptly taken from us.

I found that I am grateful for a lot of things. The one thing I have not come to terms with is that some of these things are really great things while others can be seen as not great at all. The later are things that I am personally grateful for yet others would see them in a more negative light. Definitely something to reflect on.

I am grateful for the vision that ties all of the wonderful people and ideas together to provide such a spectacular program!

Hi Cathy – I am grateful for wonderful community members who are willing to take a 21 Day Challenge to ignite their possibility! Thanks for ALL you do and if you can keep sharing as you move through your challenges – we love to hear and share and build community together through experiences in the Spark! program. J

I am grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me through John’s Spark 21 Day Challenge. It is opening my heart again to find my purpose and know I am worthy. The exercises are not easy especially when you have buried things but hearing in the video the comment about how people are just doing their life each day sparked in me that “I have a purpose in life no one else can fill. There is no one on earth just like me”. That is a quote I found at a most bleak time if life. It has been on my bathroom mirror for 20 + years but I can overlook it. I am grateful I see it again. Thank you John.

Thanks for taking your challenges to heart, Cathy. Awesome to hear the growth and comfort you’ve experienced from the program – that is what life is all about, constantly growing and stretching ourselves and sharing ourselves with others. Thanks for the above quote – that is a good one! I see why you’ve kept it close for so many years! Have a great day. J

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