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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 10!
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We are built to not only live each day on fire for life, but to share that flame with others. Sparks jump, my friends! The following concept is idyllic and childish…and could change the world. Starting with your own.

How did you spark joy for others today – or how do you plan on doing it? Please share in the comments below.

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Ahhh, pay it forward a beautiful idea, the originator of this joyful spark is in the scriptures Give and you shall receive. It is a beautiful feeling to give joyfully, it is a blessing to be capable of such an act especially when we give from our hearts knowing the benefits of sowing and reaping for all to enjoy the joy that radiates from all involved.

Thank you! I have a fond memory of just this last year. My sister and I went to a coffee shop, which we didn’t get to do very often, and our drinks were paid for. I paid for the lady behind me. My sister didn’t understand so I got the opportunity to share with her the concept and how much joy I felt experiencing it and then sharing with her. This was one of the few times I had left with my sister since she passed away in May. Thank you for stirring this memory in me and reminding me to share my love of life with others!!

I am looking forward to this one John, the clip made me remember how much I loved the movie Pay it Forward. Truly a great idea!

I have chosen to use my life as a Mother to raise and adopt lost children as my own! We recently rescued a former foster son from a homeless shelter half way across the country from us! We now have 9 children total and I am so blessed. I’m loving these challenges and today I dropped off food to three homeless people and sat and ate with one! Loved his story!

Today two of my friends and I with the help of two other friends went with my friend Paula who has been battling cancer for 19 years on a “mini-vacation.” It was amazing to see her smile and soak in the day! Truly a treasured memory!! I thank Joann and Steve for sharing their boat with us and making such an incredible memory. God was truly there! Thanks for this challenge John. It has truly been life changing!

What a joy-filled experience, awesome memory and God-filled moment. Thank YOU for taking the time to share it with us, Bev. J

I think of “Pay it Forward” every time I do even a little something to help someone. For example…whenever I go through a toll booth, I pay for the car behind me. It’s a really little thing, but someone did it for me once. I was confused at first, then delighted. It made my day! I hope I can do the same for others.
Love this Spark! Challenge program so very much!

Joyce, love your toll booth philosophy – awesome to think how many “days have been made” through your generosity! Keep doing all that you do and know that it matters profoundly. J

Dearest John,
I am an incredible being of light and you have me so extra excited about my life and world. I see the more I can do every day now and it fills me with Joy. I thank you for each spark, this 21 Day Spark Challenge is so tremendous and I am sharing it with others. I was grateful to see you at Council Rock South in honor of Lauren and that you signed my book for Bill.

Kate, you ARE an incredible being of light. Thank you for sharing your light and for taking the Spark! challenge so that you could shine your light even brighter! J

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