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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 5!
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I love you – what beautiful words. Enjoy this short video that shows various ways to convey this message. Remember, our challenge is to say it to ourselves, in our hearts and minds. The amazing thing is: in saying these words internally, they will impact you externally and ignite the person with whom you are speaking.

Share in the comments below how your day is going starting every encounter with “I love you” or if your day is just starting: how do you think this will be today?

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Unconditional love is when you love and continue to love the person who has long forgotten your name due to Alzheimer’s.

when you spoke of the baseball announcer who came to your graduation and had the love for you that lasted – I choked up. Your face is written on my heart I have been thinking in my head “I love you and there is nothing you can do about it.” ever since you spoke about it. thank you for sharing your story at Mastermind and challenging me to know what I am loving and living and fighting for.

I have always been a feel good, happy endings sort of girl. Every clip you posted brought a smile to my face. Clearly I am in love with love.

Sheila 🙂

John, you inspire me to be a better person! I saw you on Monday at Mastermind and I feel changed because of your talk, I want to give more, love more and do more. Thank you for “sparking” the light that had dimmed within me. Your daily messages of love keep me focused and I look forward to reading them in the morning. You are a blessing!

so truly “lovely” — what a beautiful way to start the day. I think I will make it a “daily ritual”.

Peace and Love today


Very Nice indeed. Life is good right now. I am relearning a lifetime of negative talk. However, I am sticking with this, I want to change, & I know that is how to get my world to change I am excited and moving forward. Thank you John for being who you are. I am blessed every day because Scentsy brought you in as a speaker & I was able to attend. I had been sick in the hotel bed with a vomiting migraine. I feel so very blessed, I was able to recover to listen to your speech. Thank you!! Have a splendid weekend!!

I am so happy you got relief from your migraine and could join us! Thanks for taking the Spark! Challenge and for all that you do. Keep letting us know how your challenges are going over the next 16 days — can’t wait to hear! J

I once read in a Reader’s Digest that if we knew the world was going to end in 5 minutes, phone lines would be jammed with people calling other people just to say “I love you.” I decided then and there to always tell my family and friends I love them every time we say “goodbye” as well as at other times. Thanks for reminding me to spread that love to everyone I meet/speak to. Loving the Spark program! Have a blessing-filled day!!

Thanks for sharing, Bev! So glad you are enjoying the challenge – STICK WITH IT – it will change lives starting with yours 😉 Awesome on the saying “I love you” intentionally – now, for today’s challenge to say it to yourself for others that you don’t know…can’t wait to hear how the challenge goes for you. J


It’s as emotional as you were during last week’s presentation (I cried when you signed my book at Blue Ridge:). Love is the power that people can win everyone with…but it has to be unconditional, then it works. Relationships are not always that way…aren’t they? Kids and Nature can stregthen the power of Love.


By saying “I love you” in my heart before each conversation I believe all my interactions with others will be positive and will have a positive impact on them. My day is only beginning but, I can hardly wait to see how this works out!

That video was so emotion provoking and powerful – I’m still teary! I would only add that just as amazing and powerful is having a child look at you with total trust and admiration and say, “I love you”. My students tell me they love me every day and it’s my honor to tell them, “I love you too”!

Great point, Laura!There is nothing better than the love of a child. Your students are lucky to have you – keep loving them! J

John, I love you for what you are doing!! I have always believed that love is the answer to everything. I sometimes forget that. Thanks for reminding me once again.

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