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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 13!
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Watch this beautiful music video for Slip on By by Finding Favour. You’ll be be inspired by someone else’s story, by the story you’ve written to this point in your life and the story you will write going forward. The key is to realize every day you write a powerful story…don’t let yours “slip on by.”

So share with us! What was your favorite childhood memory? Did you recreate an activity you use to love today? Please share in the comments below.

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Spending time with my daddy going on the roller coaster at Six Flags is a wonderful memory. Being in the moment and enjoying life is important. I spend as much time being with my Mom now since Dad is gone. ❤️

What an awesome thought provoking video/song. I too had a wonderful childhood but it seems my life has been on fast forward from the age of 18 to present (50 y/o). I’m ready to slow down now and learn to live each day, one day at a time.

Today I am passing this exercise to my grandson in jail. There must be something that he can look back on that is filled with joy. Some of my happy moments I shared with him and I will be doing when I leave the office today. I will put my feet in the sands and the pretend there are animals in the clouds. What joy you bring by reminding us all of those happy moments.

Merry Ann — thanks for sharing this with your grandson and for ALL that you do. Yes — looking back on wonderful moments of time is a blessing — and he’s blessed to have had wonderful moments with you to cherish. Enjoy the sand between your toes! J

I had a very happy childhood. Each day was spent with my sisters and parents just living a small town country life. We played outside until dark, learned to work as a family, turned clouds into objects, chased fireflys, had picnics and family outings. I guess my favorite memory is remembering the smile on Daddys face and his gentle, tough working hands.

Thanks for sharing, Elaine. What awesome descriptions…I can picture your idyllic childhood. Cherish those wonderful memories! And don’t forget to look at the clouds today 😉 J

When we come to the end of our life we will not look back and say that we wished we would have worked harder or made more money. We will say that we wish we would have spent more time with the people we love. This song is a great reminder of what is important. Love God and love others well.

Wow – awesome video. Great reminder of what’s important in life.

My favorite childhood memories have to do with living in the country – wide open spaces, trees, green grass, a big garden, lots of pets and birds…and family vacations in the mountains – more trees and animals.

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