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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 8!
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Begin uncluttering your life and enjoy this song while you do it. It always inspires me – and I bet if she was more organized she wouldn’t have lost her keys.

What part of your life are you organizing today & how does it make you feel knowing it is (or will be) organized by the end of the day!? Please share your thoughts below.

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Thanks for taking the time to read it and to reply. I pray that this time allows you to slow down; gives you peace and sets you free into the next chapter of your life. Continue boldly, Cynthia. J

I actually wore jeans to work today to tackle the mounds of filing and re-organizing I’ve been putting off. I’ve been drowning (buried) in my own busyness and procrastination!!! What an amazing moment when I read today’s challenge. Thanks for the songs to lighten my burden.

Funny how things work out…I’d actually started organizing my desk before I even opened today’s challenge. I’m on it!
Thanks John!

Saw you at Master Mind. This is my first day to be able to listen to any of your posts. So I am starting 8 = middle of my little mess. This is somehow appropriate for my blessed life. You make me appreciate how much God steps in a walks with us. Thanks for reminding me to say in my head “I love you and there is nothing you can do about it….”

I always loved this song and never thought about using it as I am terrible in paperwork overload on my desk, I am organizing and filing today till I am done. I would like to add anothr song that I just love and can be part of this days challenge..Casting Crowns – Thrive add this song while your doing your challenge, thank you John, I am so enjoying feeling good about thriving and not just surviving!! You are blessed with a special gift, thank you for sharing it! Helen

Thanks for sharing Casting Crows with us — looking it up now. Thx for taking the challenge and for you all you do! Keep it up and continue boldly. J

My goodness I needed to hear that song today! Thank you! My home office is such a disgrace I can’t even think when I go in there let alone focus on organizing (thus I don’t get much work done!) It is amazing how clutter laying around can have such a crippling effect on the rest of your life! This is the week that I will change that starting today! Life is good, the clutter that doesn’t matter has to go! …and maybe I will find my keys!

It’s funny, I am known for my attention to detail, my organizational skills at work, but at home!!! At home, I can’t find this, don’t remember where I put that, have two or three “junk” drawers where everything just gets thrown. I will have one of those junk drawers organized by the end of the day. And that will feel good!!

Thanks for the song – especially appreciated “it’s this mess that makes me forget how blessed I am”

Arby – – I know exactly what you’re talking about. I am actually naturally disorganized and cluttered (ask my friends, family,wife, and coworkers!), but am blessed to have super-organized people around me…the most organized person i know is my awesome wife, Beth…but I find myself singing this song to her all the time…she’s always losing her keys and cell phone!

Have a great day – – and thanks for sharing the spark! JohnO

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