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Here’s your video for Spark! Challenge Day 2!
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Before you make your list, watch this short video with a special guest: my little sister Susan. She will recount the day she was seven years old and the purpose of her life – to help her brother who had been terribly burned in a house fire – was so clear that her mind truly “transcended limitations.”

So, what are the 10 things you are most passionate about? How does it feel to have clarity on this after today’s challenge? How will you live into these priorities, your life’s purpose, moving forward? Please share in the comments below.

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Thanks for sharing these profound moments that obviously were not even planned in your own minds, just happy curios kids going about everyday life. Thanks for sharing how important it is for all to have purpose and how natural it comes in times of need regardless of age.

Your story with your brother and sister saving you, brings to my mind how family in a time of crisis just about always comes to the rescue…makes the sacrifice that others may not…and most of the time, never give a second thought!

It’s become the norm, that we just “do” life without ever really thinking a about it. Thank you for helping me be more intentional with the time God has given.

Susan said it all…whatever I think about today..has been my best…that information stuck with me..simple but so true..

I wept when I listened to Susan’s account of how she tried to help you that day so long ago. It’s amazing how brave we can be, when we have to be. Matthew 10:42 kept playing through my mind as I listened. “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”-Bridgid

John thank you for sharing your sister’s story in your journey. I am intrigued about what type of leader/ impact she makes today. I love that you introduced her as a “leader”, in addition to the critical role she played in your life. Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a note! My sister is a leader and truly shows the power of one — both in her actions we discussed in this video and through her life every day…thanks for ALL you do, Paige! J

John brought such inspiration to the recent Master Mind Summit in San Diego. If all else is delayed, my purpose for now is to have the humility, gratitude and sense of humor that makes John so inspiring…. I just realized that neither these are in today’s list… Bummer.

I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to have been exposure to such wonderful and real person. John you are inspiring

This is an exciting time for me to grow. Who would have thought it would take 65 years to find my why.
I embrace this journey in life and have set my feet on the path.
Thank you Brian Buffini, Coach Donna and John for helping me see the road ahead

This challenge prompted me to truly think about things that are important to me. A lot of these I realize I take for granted every day. I thought to myself as I was prioritizing, something I heard a long time ago. “What if I were to wake up tomorrow only with the things I thanked God I had?” I thought about the things I absolutely couldn’t live without. On my initial list, I had my cell phone listed. I don’t know where I’d be without my cell phone at this day and age, but when it came down to what really matters, the cell phone didn’t make the top 10 list. I will live into these priorities now that I am aware of them. Using the cell phone as another example, I am on my phone “googling” constantly when I should be paying attention to what’s most important (my family and my fiance).

My husband and I are doing the challenge together. While sharing today’s exercise we found a lot of our priorities are the same or very similar. I found this to be reassuring that I am with the person I am supposed to be with after 22 years of marriage. These are things we don’t sit down and talk about so I thank you for today’s challenge!

What a scary moment that must have been for young Susan, and I think it is a poignant reminder that our priorities and core values are often tested without any warning. Like Susan, we rarely have the opportunity to sit down and calmly plan through a life-changing scenario, practicing our response and rehearsing the ways in which we will cope. Instead, we usually have no warning of a fire, a car wreck, or the announcement of something tragic. At that moment, we must reach inside of ourselves and use what we believe just as it is. At age seven, Susan saw fire and reacted with the belief that water puts out fire. Her actions were driven by what she felt was appropriate and important, without the clutter of wondering what people would think, how to go look up the answer somewhere, or waiting until their Mom or Dad could sit down and explore various options. What a beautiful story of love for John and the courage to act in the face of something scary!

This was a great way to start my day. I love that you are continuing with what I learned at the Blue Ridge Leadership Conference into what I do every day. It was hard to get 21 things down. It actually has taken me most of the morning, but once I narrowed down my list, I really started to reflect inward on the “because” part. It’s easy to say, ”Oh, my son is my purpose, because he’s my son and I love him.” It takes a lot though to really reflect and now say, “My son is my purpose because I want him to have a better life. Because I would die for him. Because I want him to be successful in everything that he does” . It’s amazing what a little “spark” can do.

Thank you so much for your great inspiration.

You hit the nail on the head on day 2! If purpose #1 is to do God’s will, everything else becomes less important, for me. Discerning God’s wil is the challenge…actively seeking it. Waking each day with the prayer on my heart , “God, what can I do for you today.” And I know the answer…”feed my sheep.”

My list if 21 became 30 as I got lost in the challenge; no doubt I could’ve gone on. What proved more difficult was prioritizing those items of importance. God easily takes His place at the top of the list, for He is the reason that everything else follows. My children are a close second, because they are the very reason that I’m alive; they saved my life and they are the reason I go on. My husband takes the number three slot; he is the rock that I am tethered to, the answer to my prayers. My family is I fourth; my family is my anchor, my “home”. For this periodical child, they are the place I can always come back to; they are unconditional. My spiritual calling is number six; I have felt God calling to me to serve a greater purpose for a long while; it is a calling that I long to fulfill. Until I figure out exactly where He wants me and what He wants me to do, I will keep on keeping on, waiting for the moment that He finally tells me, “This is what I need you to do.” My friends are seventh on my list, for without them, there would be so much less joy in my world. My Julie, my Jess, my Ruteena, my Patti; my close circle of friends who know me inside and out. The beautiful people God has blesses me with who know no length of time, no distance. With them, it is as though no time has passed and there is no distance between. My health is eighth on the list; you see I very nearly lost my life to bacterial meningitis in 2011 and I know what it means to come face to face with your own mortality. I know that if I don’t take care of my body, I am being careless and selfish. Ninth is my mental well-being; I have battled depression and anxiety all my life. I have struggled with self image issues which has negatively impacted my self esteem. I know that without a sense of mental well-being, all else will soon falter. Honestly, numbers eight and nine could’ve easily traded places, but like I mentioned before, prioritizing was a bit of a chore. Last but certainly not least is the community that I serve. Without a love for the community I serve, it is all for not. I protect and serve out of love, empathy and compassion; I fight for the weak who cannot fight for themselves. Clarity about the things in my life that give me purpose and direction is like emerging from a haze; a thick, suffocating fog. We take on so much unnecessary clutter in our lives; organizing that clutter makes things so much more clear. So now that is can see clearly, what am I going to do about it? Enjoy it. These are the things in my life that define me, that give me joy and purpose and so I will protect and nurture them. I will do that by giving them the care and the attention that they deserve; acknowledging them each and everyday, several times a day. I will remind each of them of their great importance to me and some them the love and respect that they have given to me so undeservedly.

Well I immediately thought of about 15 things but the last 6 were kind of hard. I especially liked writing “why” on my 10 most important however,it was very hard to prioritize them because I feel they are all equally important to me!
Thank you John! I am looking forward to Day 3.

It is hard but good to get on paper, isn’t it? I’m glad you are looking forward to day 3 – keep sharing how it is going for you, I love to hear. Thanks for ALL you do, Debbie, including challenging yourself to ignite your possibility through Spark!

This was not what I thought I would list! Top values are not work or career related but relational, with God first and then what I seek which are His attributes–love, honor, respect, honesty, appreciation or thankfulness . then family relationships, which allow me to see all the others worked out in person!

This was a tuff one. Coming up with 21 was hard but then writing the “because” part was even harder. Many of them I take for granted that they are important to me and don’t usually think about why they are important. I think that I am going to have to ponder that throughout the day and write those tonight.

Diana, you can do it! Carry that list with you (physically or in your heart) today and come back to it this afternoon and put your “why” for each. It is important that we new our “why” in life so we can endure any “how”. J

When I was seven I lived in a rented 3-family with my family of 8. I found a lost dog and took it home and asked my mother if we could keep it. She wasn’t sure. The mean old landlord said that we had to get rid of it. From that day I promised my self that when I grow up I would buy my own home and no one would tell me I what to do. I had this burning desire to own a home and it took a lot to get there, but at 24 bought a two-family and immediately got a dog and many after that. The desire was so great. That was my why when I was 7. After that I had many whys one getting a college degree (first in my family) Without my why I have found that I am a little lost. I have to stop and think about my why many times. It is so important to me. My why now is to be able to really give back to my grandkids & those in need.

Janet, thank you for sharing about your purpose and your why. What a burning desire you have had since the age of 7! Congratulations on the significant life you have led this far; keep that why on fire and know that the best is yet to come. J

Thanks for sharing, Susan. Your transparency is beautiful.

It is a tad difficult to know what your purpose is. Making this list is a great start!

Deanna, way to slow down and stick with the challenge! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the days’ challenges are for you too. Thanks for sharing and for ALL that you do. J

This was a hard task but one worth trying for sure. The first 5 I did fast but after that I had to search my heart and soul. Thank you for making me slow down today! That was my number 10 – I’m passionate to put me first and slow down to speed up.

Good Bless!

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