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One activity I do at events is the Victim v. Victor exercise. I’ve been told that it gives participants clarity on what areas in their lives they are able to more fully embrace being a victor.  And thus, what next step they can take to overcome both personal and professional challenges and truly sing their victor’s song.

In this short video, I share this exercise so that you too can gain this clarity and sing your victor’s song.

After you watch this video and create your own Victim V. Victor worksheet – hang it up somewhere prominent in your house or office. Use it as a daily reminder: reflect on trying situations in your life. Then ask yourself:

  • Are you coming to this situations as a victim (review the words in the victim column) or as a victor (review the words in the victor column)?
  • If your answer is “victim” – how can you begin to re-frame your thinking, actions and words to be a victor in this situation and begin seeing the positive results you want?

What area of your life would you like to practice being a “victor”? How has this exercise helped you gain clarity on this, or what additional questions do you have before you can begin singing your victor’s song today? Share in the comments section below.

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