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I am excited to read It’s Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding with you in July!

Tommy is a life consultant, professional speaker and dear friend of mine. His book has been described as the How to Win Friends and Influence People for the twenty-first century. Together, with this book as our guide, we will discover (and discuss!) how relationships are at the core of success in life and business.

 Here is your checklist for July Book Club:

1) Get your copy of the book here.
2) Listen to my interview with author Tommy Spaulding here.
3) As you read, share your thoughts and questions for the Rising Above community in the comments below!
4) Bookmark this page so you can make sure to check back and respond to others’ comments and discussion.
5) If you have questions or thoughts on how to improve book club: email abby@risingabove.com
6) Vote on the August Book Club Book here.

Happy Reading!

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