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“The grass is always greener on the side you water.” – Neil Barringham

Bigstock_27045524As a speaker and writer, I encourage individuals and organizations around the globe to take back their life, ignite their possibility and change their world. Sharing personal stories as the backdrop, my aim is to celebrate the truth that we can positively change our world. I then strive to accomplish the lofty task of encouraging my new friends to begin the change by taking bold action.

Today I am excited to invite you to take a very specific bold action. Let me explain.

Speaking with large groups is a joy, but meeting with individuals after events is my favorite part.

love the energy, emotion and vulnerability shared by my new friends. In these moments, we hug or shake hands and then they share some of their story with me. Often they tell stories of bankruptcy or success; cancer diagnosis or cures; abuse or thriving children; mistakes or redemption; pain from yesterday or possibility for tomorrow.

I have found that what separates the tragic stories from the ones that are wildly inspiring has little to do with the adversity faced. Instead, it has much to do with what each leader did in the face of their adversity.

My friends, we all face adversity in life. Today, let’s declare that the secret to a good life isn’t to avoid misfortunes, but to thrive through them and change the world because of them. [Tweet that.]

So how do we DO that? This is the question I get time and again after I speak and from my friends and community members. In response, I spent the first half of this year designing, writing, testing and improving my Spark! 21 Day Challenge to ignite your possibility.

Using the principle that it takes 21 days to create a habit, Spark! was designed to guide you through a process to discover and sustain joy, gratitude and fulfillment in your life. You will receive a challenge each day via an email from me. Each email will include (1) a specific, actionable challenge (2) a short inspirational note to give context to the importance of the challenge in your life (3) a short video or song to reinforce the challenge.

That is it. This program is free. Your investment is an open heart, boldness of action and belief that the best in your life is yet to come.

We all inevitably face challenges on the journey. But, we should also be enjoying the incredible joy of life. [Tweet that.]

Remember, the grass is always greener on the side you water. Choose to water the untapped possibility of your life and the truth that the best is yet to come. Choose to step into the Spark! Challenge.

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