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viktorfrankl_searchformeaningI stumbled into Man’s Search for Meaning eight years ago in a library. I was considering making a leap in my life from one career (real estate development) to another (speaking and writing). I was actually looking for another book, but this title jumped off the shelf. I checked it out; it changed my life.

It’s the story of Viktor Frankl’s incredible survival during the holocaust, what got him through it and what he did with his life afterwards.

One of the most compelling aspects of the book is how Frankl knew exactly WHY he had to survive the holocaust. It wasn’t vague. It was absolutely clear and riveting for him.

He knew his WHY, and when you know your WHY you can endure any how.

Millions have been inspired by this book. In October, choose to join the ranks. Order your copy.

Share your thoughts and comments on the book as you read in the comments below. Please boldy respond to each others comments so we can have a dialogue around this life-changing book.

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