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Scotts“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

There is no doubt that a sense of connectedness is critical to the human experience.

Connectedness may appear as relationships with family and friends, as awareness of the beauty and gift of each day, or as the discovery of a purpose and reason for life greater than ourselves. Through technology, connectedness may also include relationships with individuals you’ve never physically met, but have deeply impacted.

Let me explain.

Today our Rising Above team is pedaling the final leg of a 300-mile journey from Chicago to St. Louis. Our goal is to raise awareness for child abuse and financial support for an organization that supports them, Children’s Advocacy Center.

To achieve our goal we turned to you; the leaders that make up our Rising Above Community. Our community, stays connected through social media and Monday Morning Motivation newsletter and is nearly 50,000 leaders strong! You are individuals who intentionally choose to take back you life, ignite you possibility and change the world. A few weeks ago I shared in a newsletter that I’d be riding in the STOP the cycle event and asked for your support.

I was overwhelmed by support that poured in from around the country and world. 

Each donation and note of encouragement was received with abundant gratitude. And, if you can believe it, some individuals went even further. We had several people register to ride with us; we had a group commit to pray for us and we had a few individuals who started their very own fundraising efforts to further the ripple effect.

The last example is my favorite because it about two individual leaders from the Rising Above community – one from Tennessee the other from Texas – who were connected by their passion for this cause and our community.

Several years ago I spoke with the Lee Company in Nashville, TN. One of the senior leaders shared my book and website with his wife, Heather Scott. Since then, Heather joined our Monday Morning Motivation email [invite your friends to sign up here], connected with us on Facebook and chooses to be challenged each day to live her life to the fullest.

A few weeks ago, she read my blog about the CAC STOP the Cycle ride, We Must Not Refuse to Do Something. Her heart was touched and she decided that she would not refuse. Heather joined our team as a virtual rider and fundraiser.

Because of that same newsletter, Rodney, a community member from Texas, felt compelled to donate to the Rising Above team. Rodney sent Heather a note and made a donation on her behalf. In the words of Heather, “Rodney gave me such sweet encouragement. He donated to my new giving page after he saw John was near his goal.”

This small “encouragement” provided me with clarity on the impact that the Rising Above community is having each day. It is the reminder that a community of people can work together, pull together, serve together and change the world together.

In fighting for causes bigger than ourselves, we are free to destroy the walls that keep us to ourselves. [Tweet that.]

Today, our Rising Above team is riding to STOP the cycle of abuse. It’s not too late for you to positively make a difference with us. Please consider keeping us in your thoughts and prayers today. And if you’re able to financially contribute, Rising Above team members Abby, Deanna, Evelyn, Mary, Molly, Randy, Heather and, most importantly, the children served by CAC, would greatly appreciate your generosity. [Make a donation here.]

My friends, one person living in isolation cannot change the world. But by throwing a stone of generosity, possibility and love into the water’s of life, together we most certainly can. I appreciate your support in reading these newsletters, living the ideas put forward and sharing them with others.

Thank you for being part of the Rising Above community and for believing the truth that the best is yet to come. [Tweet that.]

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