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Sarah Endline, chief rioter at sweetriot, is a member of the Rising Above Community. I met her at an event I spoke at in NYC this fall. I wanted to spotlight Sarah’s passionate, joyful, energetic life and business for my Monday Morning Motivation blog and newsletter so that you could meet her as we spend December 2013 exploring living real, authentic success so that we can live purposefully. [You can see the complete article here.]

This is Sarah’s complete interview:


Q: Why are you a member of the Rising Above community?

A: I think the motivation, support and challenges I get from being part of the community is incredible: you encourage us to challenge ourselves and offer positive reinforcement. It’s not always easy to rise up, face challenges head on and create change, but life is a marathon not a sprint. It is about the little things you do each day to make a difference. I love that your Spark! 21 Day Challenge gives actionable challenges to help us discover something new each day – so that we can learn things we never knew we were capable of. [Tweet this.]

Q: What does the idea of “giving of yourself” mean to you and your company?

A: One of the more unique parts about sweetriot is the incredible company culture. That can only come from each rioters commitment to the company and dedicating/giving a piece of themselves to the overall mission and their fellow teammates. At the end of the day, I believe that companies are just people and it is the individuals who work at a company that make it successful and give it character.

Q: Tell me about how you ended up where you are: doing what you love and giving of yourself through your work each day.

A: I wanted the company to have true interactive relationship with the consumer. The goal was to build a community around sweetriot. My philosophy on being mission-based & responsible is that it’s not about writing checks. Social responsibility is so much deeper. We have a social mission because we want more than just profit to guide us – I believe we can change the world! Our mission is: To create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation. [Tweet this.]

Q: You talk a lot about sharing / giving “sweet riots” and joy to others, what exactly does this mean and why is that something we should be doing?

A: The greatest gift of chocolate is that it not only evokes joy but it is something that is a vehicle for change and good in the world. In addition it is a health indulgence that is good for the body, and when you purchase a socially responsible, fairly traded product, you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade.

Q: You talk about sharing “cacao” – what does it mean to you to get share this with others every day?

A: What initially attracted me to cacao was the story and rich history. Cacao dates back to the Mayans. It was ritualistic and indulgent beverage, and was sometimes used as currency. I love that chocolate is a fruit, and is packed with antioxidants. For so long, it was more about factories and manufacturing and less about the story and history of chocolate. When you share sweetriot “cacao” / chocolate, you are not only sharing something healthy and delicious, in addition to supporting cacao farmers, but you are passing on the rich history and story which is so important. [Tweet this.]

Q: What sets sweetriot chocolate apart?

A: When you give sweetriot, you are not just giving a yummy chocolate treat, you are impacting the world in a positive way. Each unit of sweetriot sold supports a farmer/farming community in Latin America, and an artist. The color beautiful design on our packaging is original artwork by an emerging artist. In addition, you are supporting a women-owned company working to create change in the world through healthy, guiltless treats.

sweetriot is offering a sweet treat on Challenge Day 13 of the Spark! 21 Day Challenge. Take the challenge here. Participants who share photos of their daily challenges using #SparkChallenge on Facebook and Twitter will be entered to win a sweetriot gift set on Decembe

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