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MattHeldHisDadsHandIt was December 23 and I was doing my typical last minute shopping for family. Christmas music was playing, Santa was in the foyer and the mall was bustling.

While in line to check out, the woman in front of me turned around to witness an overmatched dad trying to corral his two young sons. She looked at me pleasantly and said, “Don’t worry. In a couple of years they’ll get it.”

I smiled and looked at my wide-eyed little guys. Looked at their innocence, sweetness and unbridled energy. It was impossible to imagine being more on fire with hope and joy and life. I looked back at the lady, told her thank you, and offered, “Sometimes I think they actually get it better than the rest of us.”

My friends, so frequently this time of year we race from store to store and from party to party. We tear open present after present and don’t we often find the motivation for giving is out of concern that the other person may bring us something and we can’t be caught empty handed?

So what does it mean to really ‘get it’ this season? [Tweet this.] Recently a friend shared a story that reveled to me the answer to this question.

Three years ago, Matt spent the majority of his Christmas Eve taking his father to an oncology appointment.

The news they received was not at all what they’d been hoping for.

As they left, Matt’s father was feeling weak and asked if they could hold hands as they walked. Matt had not held his father’s hand since he was a little boy, but this day they held hands to the car and the whole drive home.

Matt’s father shared how proud he was of his son. He shared stories from various times in his life and how lucky he was to be his Dad. As they pulled into the driveway to join the family holiday celebration, his father squeezed his son’s hand and said “I love you.”

It was, Matt told me, the greatest Christmas gift he had ever received from his father.

My friend, so often the expectations of this season create stress and disappointment. Sometimes in focusing on the stuff, the food, the parties and presents we miss out on what we’re really celebrating: the real joy, peace and love that are often born in the least likely of places.

This Christmas week, I challenge you to take pause to ‘get it.’ Take time to celebrate the amazing gifts of your life. Don’t wait until next year to unwrap a present that arrived 2,000 years ago. It’s the greatest you’ll ever open: that regardless of what you encounter today or face tomorrow, there is reason to rejoice, celebrate and sing out. [Tweet this.]

I wish each of you a healthy and happy holiday, a very merry Christmas and a joy filled New Year. The best is yet to come.

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You are so right. Though I don’t always get to see my kids this time of year (they are all grown) I never forget to tell them how much I love them and enjoy it even more when they do the same. We can never forget how special family is.

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