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“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.” – John O’Leary [Tweet this.]

My Friend,

Thank you for ALL that you did in 2013. The Rising Above community soared to new heights and it was a group effort: We each inspired those we encountered to take back their lives, ignite their possibility and change their world. Together we:

  • Spoke at 150+ events, from Dubai to my church, from intimate settings for a dozen like the Chandlee family and their friends (pictured right, top) to 1,000s at organizations like Southwest Airlines (pictured right, bottom), Colorado Rockies, Kiwanis International and LEGO. [Invite John to speak.]
  • Grew our online community within FacebookTwitterLinkedIn andemail to more than 50,000 members.
  • Supported the Children’s Advocacy Center of IL in raising awareness and $65,000 in their first annual Stop the Cycle of Abuse event.
  • Expanded our eStore to include tools to ignite your possibility [check out our exciting videos, merchandise and online programs.]

My friend, with all of the blessings of 2013, I am even more fired-up about 2014. I am excited to announce:

  • The first-ever signature Rising Above leadership event is planned! LAUNCH Leadership Renewal Conference with John O’Leary will be March 13 & 14. Get your ticket today, space is limited.
  • The first annual What More Can I Do? Day is January 17. We’re taking the anniversary of the date I was burned and celebrating it as a day to make a difference. Save the date and learn more here.
  • We are working with several interested publishers and will share more details soon about my first book!

Thank you for being part of the Rising Above community. I remain humbled and grateful for your friendship, support and intentional lifestyle. As we spend the next two months finalizing my work on my LAUNCH Leadership event and book, we’ll utilize these weekly emails to share our most popular Monday Morning Motivation newsletters from the past seven years. Enjoy our favorites and remember:

The best is truly yet to come. [Tweet this.]

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I also thank everyone who participated & r still pulling the strings of good things to come,more especially my learder’s. As i’m hoping for good things to come?i’ll keep my job healthy ever than before,to achieve better things & live a positive life.”Thank u for 2013!that was the best entrance i ever had in my life & fearful moments i survived~SCARY but survived & over-comed.

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