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Leaders: Eat Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Honor Your Word


Len Dino, LAUNCH sponsor and President of LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services, at LAUNCH Leadership Conference, discussing with leaders.

“Words create worlds.” Don Eggleston [Tweet this.]

John O’Leary asked me to write a guest blog reflecting on what I took away from the LAUNCH Leadership Conference. I do have a confession to make, however.

I’m a business owner with a few hundred employees, serve clients around the world, am married and a father, but I have never written a blog before! So I am writing this the only way I know how: as honestly and plainly and vulnerably as I learned to live at LAUNCH.

As the president of LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services, taking two days “off” for LAUNCH was not easy. I had to rearrange schedules for myself, the employees that came with me and my family. I had to silence the voices around me and within me suggesting that I was too busy. In fact, I discovered at LAUNCH, that busy truly does not mean effective.

I came back to the office and home a better man and leader than I was when I left.

For me, LAUNCH came down to “finding my true North” and creating habits to maintain my direction in life and business. If you weren’t able to be at LAUNCH, I poured over my journal notes to share with you the incredible takeaways that I never want to forget and that I hope light you up in leadership today. If you did attend: hello friends! Please share in the comments what lessons YOU took away so that we can share our leadership lessons with all of our Rising Above friends.

  1. “Words create Worlds.” – Don Eggleston
    Don, one of the LAUNCH speakers, gave examples like “Will you marry me?” “He’s not going to make it.” “You’re pregnant.” “You got the job!” to depict just how our words really do shape the world of those we encounter. He challenged me to me more thoughtful in how I speak.
  2. “Honor your word.” – Edie Varley
    It is critical to always honor your word. The hardest time to do this is when you over-commit yourself. Get clear on your priorities and your commitments. Then grow by being selective, not just busy.
  3. “Be Awake.”
    Sometimes we go through life on cruise control. We do our work, drive carpool, do our “things.” At LAUNCH I was reminded not to confuse being out of bed with being truly awake. [Tweet this.]
  4.  “Live extra-ordinary.”
    John and his team reminded me to not settle for ordinary. They invited all of us to strive valiantly for relationships, finances, health, businesses and a spiritual journey that light up those around us. How we want to be remembered impacts how we live each day. This simple reminder has shaped my thoughts, words and actions since the event.
  5. “Love is the key.” – Matt Miller
    Matt Miller is a school principal and was one of the LAUNCH speakers. He has a sign that hangs above his office door with the words “Love is the key” on it. Those words may seem a little soft, until you hear the stunning turnaround in the last three schools he has lead. Matt leads with his heart, and because of it teachers come alive, kids thrive and communities benefit. “Love is the key” in schools, in families, in health care and in corporations. [Tweet this.]

These are the five takeaways that are shaping my life most – but I have a journal and heart full of them! There were amazing surprises that I can’t give away (a wadded up piece of paper that will mean the world to you after LAUNCH, a new tool that will make you laugh at yourself and communicate better than ever before and some musical inspiration that will leave you speechless.).

LAUNCH helped me get clear on how I want to change the way I spend my quality time and with whom: I want to get to swim practice early so I can watch my kids swim; I will now skip the extra drink at the bar and go to my family; pass on the fancy lunch and meet my wife for a peanut butter sandwich in our kitchen instead.

LAUNCH addressed my mind, body and spirit. In such a secular world that doesn’t often address real purpose, I am grateful to the LAUNCH leaders for the thoughtfulness and courage to build us up in each of these areas.

I encourage you to reflect on these questions:

  • What brings you the most joy in life today? Are you giving enough time to it? [Tweet this.]
  • How do you want to be remembered personally and professionally when you leave this world?
  • What have you done in the past 12 months you could spend the rest of your life talking about?
  • What are you waiting for?!!

At LAUNCH, you’ll find your true north and live your answer to these questions each day. Too busy? No time? Not sure if it’s for you and your organization? You’re perfect for LAUNCH – the next one is in November! I’ll see you there.


Len Dino | LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services | LAUNCH Sponsor


0 replies on “Leaders: Eat Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Honor Your Word”

Thanks for the great post, Len, and for the points you shared. If you hadn’t fessed up, I would never have taken you for a rookie blogger! Isn’t it amazing how profound the learning can be in a short time when you have great teachers and amazing “classmates?” My thanks to you and your company for all you did to make LAUNCH possible. See you in November!

Great post Len! Now I’m really bummed out I didn’t attend. Very excited to hear there will be another Launch event in November. Will plan ahead to be sure I can attend as I was “too busy” as well this time around. Can’t wait to participate!

For a “Guest” Blogger… I’d say you have discovered a “second calling” in this Journey called LIFE!!!
My Company… One of the Greatest known for Customer Service in the “People & Aviation” Biz… Southwest Airlines invited John to speak to us in Dallas last year… If you can be in the audience … Hear his inspirational message and NOT have it Change your Life… Well… Probably not having a Good Life!!!

So to hear how well the FIRST of let’s hope many LAUNCH Workshops went… I hope more CEO’s … Business Leaders, Politicians and Just “Good Folks” make the effort to “clear their busy schedules” to Discover a BETTER WAY TO LIVE … LIFE… And TREAT ONE ANOTHER!

Thanks for sharing!!

Karen – – LOVE your comment…Thanks for it – – for sharing it – – and for living it! Tell my friends at Southwest Airlines that I LUV them – – and that i’ll see them Wednesday morning early 😉 Thank you for getting me all over the country – safely, timely and with a smile on your face. Have an awesome night – – John PS: Len is the real deal…great man and leader

Thanks for the blog Len – great stuff! I was unable to attend this session and I can tell there are some great things I missed.

I would offer one idea to go along with your takeaways. My wife and I are attending a weekly study program called, “Love & Respect” based on the book by the same name (author: Emerson Eggerichs)

If you want a good way to followup the LAUNCH workshop, grab the book and share it with your wife.

We are men of honor and duty who need respect and our wives are naturally nurturing women who need love. These are not the same thing.

Blessings and best wishes to you!

– Jeff

Jeff – – Love you man – – have not read the book, but just ordered it. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a beautiful week and my love to your family – – JohnO

Thanks Susan – – You are awesome and I’m lucky to consider you – and Ted – friends. Have an awesome week and thanks for ALL you do. JohnO

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