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Business Woman Team At Office“A healthy attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others.”- Tom Stoppard

Do you find yourself in an office, household, community, organization or family that has an unhealthy culture? We all do. But the idea of changing culture is overwhelming, isn’t it?

My friends, remember that big changes start with one, single step. [Tweet this.]

Your “unhealthy” culture likely comes with traditions of choosing sedentary activities (watching movies or sports, team meetings with double-deep-fried donuts, taking the elevator instead of stairs) over active ones (walking to the park to throw around the football, taking the stairs, trying a new recipe with great naturally grown foods), right? While some level of “sedentary” activities are okay, choosing them all the time every time will keep your energy low and your productivity lower.

So my friends, take the lead. Take one step today and begin creating the contagiously, healthy culture you are after at home and at work. [Tweet this.]

I asked my friend and wellness guru, Dr. Michelle Robin, how we can choose that next step. Dr. Robin is joining me at LAUNCH Leadership Conference later this week and below, she offers five simple tips to empower us to lead healthier lives. Here are her thoughts:

As an employer, employee, team member, mother, friend or neighbor, here are five ways you can really lead in wellness to impact your business, your relationships, and your life:

  1. Walk the Talk – You set the example, the standard for your employees, family, and team members. You don’t have to be the picture of health currently to lead in wellness. You simply need to walk the talk, making progress. For example, if you promote stress management or believe in having a good work life harmony (see below): then manage your own stress and focus on keeping your life in check. If you are walking the talk your energy, health and mindset will shift. Others will pick up on that. Do it for yourself, but take some actions your colleagues can witness, i.e. taking the stairs, parking further away, have walking meetings, drink water instead of coffee in meetings and pass on those donuts!
  2. Value Work/Life Harmony – I say harmony instead of balance because it is really a give and take. As a leader, it is important that you value the fact that your employees and team members have lives outside of work and your friends and family members have obligations outside of their relationship with you. It is important to understand that we all have situations that call for late nights, working weekends and crazy travel schedules, but those should be the exceptions, not the rule and it is critical that we don’t create a culture of “overworking and over-scheduling.”
  3. Provide Wellness Resources and Tools – We can take it for granted that everyone knows how to get and stay healthy. That isn’t always the case; and we can all use a refresher. Provide wellness training or speakers for your employees or ask your HR department if you can organize this effort for your office! Take it a step further and create a wellness program that supports employee progress. In your personal life or with family, set aside 30-minutes each week to research opportunities to grow in your health knowledge.
  4. Have Healthy Food Options – Provide healthy snack options in the break room, like a bowl of fresh, whole fruit or packets of nuts. Do the same when you host meetings. If you order catered lunches, choose healthier options. When you do your personal grocery shopping, prepare meals that provide health benefits, not just empty calories and make sure to pre-slice your snacks (veggies, fruits, etc.) and keep them at eye level in your refrigerator so you are more likely to go for them when you need a snack!
  5. A Well Workspace – Be mindful of your workspace. Is it set up for easy workflow? Is it safe and clean? Create an uplifting environment with colors, light and scent. Provide equipment that supports good physical conditions like ergonomic chairs and keyboards, headsets and standing desks. Then take the idea back to your house. Remove the clutter, open up the blinds, add plants and don’ forget – throw away those donuts!

What wellness tips do you have? Share them with the Rising Above community in the comments below. 

Dr. Michelle Robin, is an author, international speaker, and Founder and CWO of Your Wellness Connection, P.A. She is the author of The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich – Three Steps to Vibrant Health, Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life, and co-author of the #1 bestseller Succeeding In Spite of Everything. Dr. Robin can be reached at michelle@drmichellerobin.com and www.drmichellerobin.com.

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