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May 2014 Book Club: Your Survival Instinct is Killing You

Your Survival Instinct Book CoverIn line with our May Rising Above community theme: Choosing #LoveOverFear, the Rising Above book club book is Your Survival Instinct is Killing You by Marc Schoen, PH.D.

A note from John:

“I’ve never read this book before, so absolutely THRILLED to jump into it with each of you! I scoured the shelves at a book store looking for an intentionally written book on fear – and am hopeful I found exactly that! Please post your thoughts and questions below in the comments; I will be interviewing the author Marc Schoen later this month and I will ask all of the questions you post. Happy reading!”

Listen to John’s interview with author Marc Shoen, PhD here.

Please bookmark this page so that as you read, you can share your thoughts, questions, comments and replies with community in the comments below.

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