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Every Wednesday in 2015, I’ll unplug, speak from my heart and share some thoughts in a short video blog reflection to help us continue to: Live. Inspire. Now.

Hope you enjoy! Leave comments, questions and ideas you have – I’ll be sure to reply and incorporate into future vlogs.

Thanks for being part of the Rising Above Community!

0 replies on “Vlog. 1 :: The Sunrise Principle”

Thank you! We do miss so much in life and you continue to make me greatful for the moment. I was blessed to have heard you in your presentation for the New Orleans Convention Center (Ernest N Morial Convention Center) I think often that I could have chosen not to attend and if that had happened—-
I would not have had your message that day and since. Nothing
happens by accident.

Hi Peggy! That was an awesome event — such a great space and group. SO glad you and I were both a part of it. Thx for your note, for staying in touch and for ALL that you do. J

Loved this. Great concept of the video blog. I look forward to more.
What a great reminder. Love sunrises. It is truly is Gods love shining down. Enjoy your warm weather..bring some back to STL.

Thanks John for those encouraging words. I did get a giggle as you commented on it being a frigid 50 degrees as I live in Minnesota and we haven’t seen 32 degrees for I don’t know how long.:)

I get your newsletter at work and I am always inspired, but today watching your video, hearing you actually speak the words was amazing. You are teaching me that we can be looking and still not “seeing”. I want to see with open eyes and an open heart!
Visors up to you, John! Thank you so much!

AMEN. Thx for the note, and for all you do! Keep your “eyes and heart open” for my next video blog — it will be posted later today, friend. J

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