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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein [Tweet this.]

Cheerful business man with galsses in hand. This man could alsoOn a flight from Boston to St. Louis, a gentleman asked “what I do.”

I told him I work with a company that teaches individuals and organizations to breathe life and possibility into every moment.

He looked at me suspiciously and asked, “Um, how?”

I shared about being burned as a kid, spending five months in the hospital, my parents’ book and how it all changed my life.

I told him that because of that book and through the help of my team, I now speak, write and share this story all over the world.

He asked, “Did you always dream of becoming a speaker?”

Heck no! I never even told people how I was burned until a few years ago. It’s actually not only a miracle that I survived, but that I’m actually sharing this story.

He looked at me and candidly replied, “I don’t believe in miracles.” 

Don’t believe in miracles?

My friend, sometimes to deny the miraculous is to simply ignore reality. The past few weeks have reminded me of this truth. Let me explain. 

A friend asked me to pray for a boy in her community. He’d been playing on a frozen pond and fell through the ice. His friends and emergency workers were there quickly, but couldn’t locate him for more than 15 minutes. He was transported to the ER without a pulse.

After the boy had spent more than an hour without a pulse, the mother was brought in to say goodbye.

She came into the hospital room, looked at her lifeless son, and screamed out, “Lord God, give me back my son!”

A moment later, a pulse returned.

Not only did he survive, but the boy who was not expected to live is now completely fine: out of bed, walking, requesting his favorite foods and ready to go home.

I can’t explain how this boy lived. I can’t explain why prayers are sometimes answered. I can’t explain why miracles happen.

And yet they do. 

If you are looking for miracles, they will occur repeatedly in your life. [Tweet this.]

Stunning circumstances, improbable occurrences, remarkable beauty, absolute love, and amazing grace fill your story. [Tweet this.]

Sometime in the monotony of racing to work and raising kids we miss it.

Here’s your chance. This is your resuscitation: Don’t miss it today

Open your eyes. Look around. Count the blessings. Life is a gift. It’s all a miracle. And the best is yet to come.

Today’s challenge: share a miracle that occurred in your life in the comments.

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When I was 19 I fell asleep at the wheel and drove off a 36 foot retaining wall. They estimated that I laid in my vehicle for 2-4 hours before the security guard saw my vehicle and called 911. I was taken to the hospital by life flight after the fire department used the jaws of life to get me out. I was in a coma and after the 7th day the doctor told my parents that they should probably think about planning a funeral because he did not think the swelling in my head would ever go down. Well as you all can tell I came out of the coma and after 13 day and spent another month and a half in the hospital. I know I have used up 8 of my 9 lives but this has helped me keep a positive attitude. My glass is neither half empty or half full but always full. My glass may spill at times but I fill it up as soon as I can. After watching John speak last year I found my calling. The business that I am in was hit hard by the housing market decline. This caused the attitudes and morale around the company I work for to greatly decline. I lobbied to be in a position to help this and after 1-1/2 years they finally gave in. I am now in a position to where I am working on creating a more positive engaged workforce and loving every minute of it. I wear the “What More Can I Do” bracelet 24/7 and it was hearing John that inspired me to push harder to get into the position that I am in now, making sure people smile at work. I am a miracle and He kept me here for a reason.

When my nephew was little he was having trouble hearing and was diaganosd as legally deaf, right before Christmas. Shortly after Christmas he went back to determine what could be done – his hearing was retested and it was normal.

My mom was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer that has no cure. She tried chemo and radiation without any results the cancer grew. She was accepted into a trial where there had been no positive results with other patients that had tried it. After only two treatments Her tumors had shrunk by 50%! My mom is a fighter this is her third type of cancer and she has beat them all. She is the rock of our family and miricals are what has kept her here.

I have several to choose from, but twice in my life I was in bad car crashes, one was head on at 5:30am in the morning, when a EMT pulling out of a driveway to go to a emergency call pulled in to my lane and the second was a drunk driver driving 55 MPH in a 30 MPH zone and coming 5′ in my lane on my side of the road. They were over 20 years apart, but both times I didn’t have my seat belt on while driving (I do now), but in each crash, by God’s grace or a miracle my guardian angel upstairs called out to me to put my seat belt on less than a quarter mile before the car accidents. I walked away from both accidents and I truly believe it was from God or a past relative watching out for me.

A few years ago our business was in difficult financial shape. By God’s grace, the team of people in our business did what was necessary for the business to not only rise from where it was but to dramatically improved business conditions within 24 months. Glory to God for giving us the team to pull us from the fire.

a few years ago I was feeding horses in a pasture and I heard a scuffle and turned to see a 1200lb horse running straight at me. I didn’t know what to do, do I run or stay still, I felt like a deer in headlights as I just froze. The horse hit me head on knocking me down. When I came too I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. I ended up in the ER with a concussion, two large hematomas on my rear end, cut up leg but I was alive!!! I regained feeling in my legs and arms. I was very lucky that day. God was definitely looking out for me!!

Our 21 year old son fell over a 70 foot waterfall in North Carolina a year and a half ago. He landed in about 18 inches of water on his feet, shattering both of them, along with vertebrae in his spine. It is absolutely a miracle that he survived the accident and after 7 surgeries that he is and walking and participating in sports today!!! I know, undoubtably, that my God was watching over our son that day and preserved his life for a reason. The journey has been tough but inspirational. We keep our eyes open for ways to encourage or minister to others who are going through similar situations to ours.

I truly believe that my Mom is a miracle! She is a 4-time cancer survivor and she is an inspiration to others with her positive attitude. To God be the glory!!

What a gift — thx for sharing your story and your miracle! Your mom sounds like a pretty amazing woman. The best is yet to come! J

Our miracle is Reed, our son. We decided we wanted a third child but were having difficulty becoming pregnant. It was now going on 7 years between babies, so we started to think that our two beautiful children had completed our family. In January, 1999, we were lucky enough to see Pope John Paul in St. Louis. As a family, we boarded the 3:00am bus at our parish and headed downtown for a completely amazing spiritual adventure. We prayed for one more child to fill our family. Nine months to the day, our sweet miracle was born. Reed fills our lives with joy…he is our miracle!

John, I am still high on life from LAUNCH. Thank you again for such an awesome experience. My miracle. at age 35, my father was told three times in one night he would not live through the night. My father was told many more times in his life that the disability ensuing from the blood clot at the base of his brain would place limits on him that he would not be able to overcome. My father prayed one night, Lord, take me or take the clot, please. The next morning, the clot was gone, dad still disabled, but no longer with the medical issue to worry about. For the next 35 years, actually just short of, my father was a walking miracle and a testament to life itself. He is one of the reasons I attended LAUMCH and continues to be my hero, more than four years later as he now walks the gardens of heaven. Thank you for what you do!

In 2005 my husband was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. He wasn’t speeding, no other vehicles around…we don’t know what happened. He broke his lower jaw in two places, lost 8 teeth, broke all his ribs , crushed both lungs, and had a compound break to his left arm. After Upon arriving at the er and trying ECMO, the rotoprone bed, the wound vac,being trached, multiple drugs for sepsis, after two months his blood pressure was 80/4. The docs said the machines are keeping him alive and there is no oxygen going to his brain, it was time to say goodbye. As I was preparing my 6 yr old son, My husband miraculously obtained a pressure and eventually was ok, but list his left arm! Only God did this and I got to share this miracle not only with my son but so many friends and family! Thx for your story John and for encouraging others!

18 months ago I fell, breaking 4 ribs, lacerating my liver and puncturing my lung. My doctor told me that was “the kind of fall that kills people”. With the love, support and prayers of family and friends not only did I survive, but I just completed my first half marathon. My perspective on life has change considerably since that day. I have a greater appreciation for everything and a deeper love for others. I’m not saying I experienced a miracle but do believe a higher power has helped get me to where I am today.

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