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John’s Favorite Good News of the Week :: Week 5

Loved reading the headlines this week and keeping an eye out for the good news. These were my three favorites from this week. Take a peek, get inspired and share your favorite good news articles, stories or videos in the comment.

car wash

Family Opens Car Washes, Hires Mostly People with Autism, And It’s Improving Their Symptoms [SunnySkyz.com and NationSwell.com]


urban farmer

Urban farmers working vacant St. Louis property get surprise when land’s rightful owner shows up [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]


positive sticky


Positive Post-It Note Day Sheds Light on a Tragic Year at Appalachian State University [Huffington Post]

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How about the North Carolina woman with 4 kids won the Powerball and one of her kids has Cebreal Palsey. She had to quit her job at McDonald’s because she wanted to take care of kids herself. That is good news story all of the ones you post are great. Thought I share the NC woman

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