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Vlog 5 :: Our $14 Billion Investment (Your time, talent and treasure…)

Every Wednesday, I unplug, speak from my heart and share thoughts in a short video blog to inspire us to: Live. Inspire. Now.

Today’s vlog shares a truth about the super bowl beyond the chicken wings and the half time show AND offers you a 2-fold challenge: (1) to be on fire for life and (2) make sure $1 get’s donated to charity today.

Watch this video, accept my challenge and get inspired to: Live. Inspire. Now. J

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0 replies on “Vlog 5 :: Our $14 Billion Investment (Your time, talent and treasure…)”

John, you are truly inspiring!I enjoyed seeing you in Las Vegas at the Crown Council meeting. You have touched my heart and soul and I want to say thank you!

john well done PAY UP! I would like to give to my charities a dime om the dollar for each $ you PAY CALL OR E MAI ME THE NUMBER YA0U END UP WITH

Way to hold me accountable – DAD! Ha. I am counting up the numbers now and will let you know ASAP. Thx for the support and for your generous heart. J

Amen, my friend. I was just telling another friend of mine that I’m certain that the next half of my life will be the greatest – as you said, the best to come. Why? Because I have plans, BIG plans. I’ve decided to do something positive about the bullying issue in schools. Clearly, there is an opportunity to change a child’s life if we truly want to and put some effort behind it.

This is the first time I’ve heard about you. My sister-in-law posted something about you. Thank God she did. It made my day! Cheerio(s)

Thx for your note and for ALL you do — keep us posted on your awesome anti-bullying work in schools! Can’t wait to hear about the impact you make. Please stay in touch, for daily inspiration join me on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | YouTube and get my Monday Motivation email at http://www.risingabove.com/monday-morning

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