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Vlog 12 :: The Choice is Yours (Love is the key.)

Every Wednesday, I unplug, speak from my heart and share thoughts in a short video blog to inspire us to: Live. Inspire. Now.

Today my vlog is in sunny San Diego! And challenges you to realize that you get to CHOOSE how to respond in life, in traffic, with cranky kids and aging parents, in moments of sorrow and in moments of joy…

Watch this video, accept the challenge and stay on fire.

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My twin sister saw you speak and bought the book and then gave it to me to read. God bless you and I am so very happy you made it thru all of the surgeries and suffering. I just can’t imagine being in all that pain. I have a toothache right now and now it doesn’t even bother me anymore but really it does.
I am so glad I got to read your book and so happy you are married to a wonderful girl. God bless her and you both and your children. God be with you. And may he keep his loving arms around you.

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