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John’s Favorite Inspirational News Headlines of the Week :: Week 14

Did you notice all of the GOOD things happening around you and around the world this week? Here are my favorite good news headlines from this week:


30 Million Pounds of Produce Diverted from LandfillPOWWOW Diverts 30 Million Pounds of Produce Annually From Landfill to Food Banks
[Good News Network]












Blind, Epileptic Painter Creates Stunning Works of Art     Blind, Epileptic Painter Creates Stunning Works of Art [NY Post]


Photo of Boy After His 12th Surgery Goes Viral, Proves He's a HeroPhoto Of Boy After His 12th Surgery Goes Viral, Proves He Should Be Proud Of His Scars [Huffington Post Good News]





What good news headlines did you read this week? Please share a link in the comments below so we can all celebrate the positive news!



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