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Vlog 14 :: Living the Backup Plan (Letting go of expectations.)

Every Wednesday, I share thoughts in a short video blog to inspire us to: Live. Inspire. Now.

Today my vlog shares this truth: we hardly ever get to live out our “Plan A.”

Vacations. Weddings. Jobs. Christmas. How often do you get your perfect scenario with no rain clouds, not budget limits, no double booking, no melt downs and no dead batteries?

Today, I challenge you to open up your HEART and open up your ARMS to the gift of THIS moment.

Watch this Wednesday inspiration vlog and: Live. Inspire. Now.

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John: Your message today, as always, was just what I needed to start my week off on a positive note. There’s that ever- present reminder to be grateful for what we have and not bemoan what we lack. Thank you for your infectious optimism. God bless you. Mary

Your note was exactly what I needed to stay fired-up today – thank YOU for sending it and for all you do. Keep that positivity alive and share it with everyone you meet! J

wow – have I needed that today, and this month. As someone who likes to plan, and be prepared, there are times when I plan to prepare for the changes that are inevitable.

But there are times when I get too frustrated that the plan God has is different from my own! I needed this to help remind me!

Thanks John.

Ray Ramirez D.V.M.
“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.”
Under Peter Bailey’s picture in George Bailey’s office in ‘It’s a wonderful life’

Ray – I love that quote brother. I’ll be sharing that soon 🙂 Glad I could help you “let go” a bit today – it’s not easy, but its worthy to remember that it’s not our plan…and to enjoy every moment. Continue boldly, brother. J

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