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Vlog 18 :: What Do We Despise in Others but Justify in Ourselves

Every Wednesday I unplug, speak from my heart and share some thoughts in a a short video blog reflection to help us continue to: live inspired.

Today — I reflect on this question: What is a trait that we despise in OTHER people, but justify in ourselves?

Take a minute to watch this video and start your day right. J

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Thanks for sharing your experience in your blog. It is so true!! So much easier to see selfishness in others n not be aware of mine. I plan on starting each day by saying to myself”today I will give- my time, a listening ear, encouragement, praise, n share what talents I have with others”. Thanks John for your inspiration! News flash!! It’s not all about me!!!

Thank you for this reminder. I am so guilty of this. I was shaking my head..yes..as you were talking..that is me. Thank you for showing me to admit that I am guilty and can change.. This helps me remember it is not about me…it is about how I serve others in the small things. this made my day. love these VLOGS!!

Wow John, do you have a video camera somewhere???? I find myself doing exactly the same thing and then being so very ashamed of my selfishness. I pray that I can follow your advise, and my Lord’s, and do better.

Thanks for the reminder!

You can and you will and you are already doing so much – thanks for ALL you do, Dee. And thanks for taking the time to leave a note. Have an awesome day! J

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