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Vlog 21: “Watch, This Dad!” (A simple lesson on pride)

“Watch this, Dad!”

Every Wednesday I unplug, speak from my heart and share some thoughts in a short video blog reflection to help us continue to: live inspired.

Today — I share with you a simple lesson on pride my kids taught me this Memorial Day weekend with their simple words “Dad, watch this!”

Everything they did was magical. They were completely ready to showcase what they were proud of; what the could do (cannonball! drawing a star! taking a big bite of a cheeseburger!)

My friends, now is the time to have renewed pride and love for what we do.

Watch this video and remember: Today is your Day. Live Inspired.

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Hello John,
I’d be interested in hearing your favorite memory of Mr. Martin Duggan. I am assuming you had the pleasure of meeting him and Mae sometime, somewhere in the past. He was a dear friend of ours and will be sorely missed.

Heard you speak in Redmond, Oregon last week at the Leading Age Oregon Convention.
Very powerful!
I am enjoying my walk through the program.

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