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Vlog 23 :: How Will They Remember You (in one word)?

Friend. Doctor. Crabby. Joyful. Snide. Smiley…

When you leave, a classroom, drive through window, doctor’s office, dining room or any other place during your day: what is the ONE word you want to be remembered as?

Today, in my Wednesday inspiration vlog, I reflect on this idea of relationship, title and your “one word…”

***BONUS:: And introduce you to my new logo — I hope you’ll vote on your favorite! (See the form below the video to vote!!!)

My friends, today is your day. Live inspired.

Which is your favorite new logo? Vote below!
john oleary logo june 2015

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0 replies on “Vlog 23 :: How Will They Remember You (in one word)?”

I like number 4. It’s a great design. The flame is just large enough to inspire, but not so large as to overwhelm the design.

I like logo #3 (could not find how to vote under the video). My name was O’Leary before I married.

Margie O’Leary Jackson

4 by far. It’s the tightest an cleanest logo of them all. The combination of the fonts along with the J in john is carrying the torch for John O’Leary and to Live Inspired. 3 would be a distant second choice.

#3. I like the line that seperates your name from the tag line, the red last name makes it jump out. I like that the logo does touch any letters, you can see name/tagline clearly. And love the heart within the flame!

3 I like how it flows and no one part is too heavy. I like the heart in flame logo..it is a piece of the old but fresh and new and good symbolism.

Love number 3… Balanced and pleasing to the eye… And the flame doesn’t interfere with the legibility of your name!

I like #2 the best, but that beautiful flame makes it hard to see the “O” in your name. Therefore, #3 gets my official vote.

i ilke the red/black contrast on flame — didn’t realize there was a heart in the center until i saw #6. I also like the transition from light to dark red on O’Leary. No question. #6

My hoped for word of personal description? I wish and hope to have as my signature: “Encouraging”. Everybody needs to be appreciated, and I try hard to convey appreciation for all with whom I interact for the service, care and value that they provide me with as we spend time together. It doesn’t matter if they are coming to me for the service I provide in the real estate field, or if I am coming to them to service needed in the accomplishment of my own goals.

Logo number 3 is terrific, John. It is classy without being cluttered, conveys in a “visual sound byte” that YOU and your attitude (hard-earned and generously shared) are the “product” that they can expect from you, and your organization. There is nothing more distinctive than a signature, and this new “signature” is a great way of conveying who you are, and what you DO!


I had the chance to hear John speak at the CPK Event in Southern California. You truly inspire! What a great man and a great family.


I hope your vacation was wonderful and you’re feeling re-energized! My vote on the logo is #3; having the flame at the end says that YOU come first, not the accident from your youth. I also much prefer the typeface/font in number three. The horizontal line helps separate and clarify your name from your message, and makes them both more readable and less inclined to run together visually. Thanks for letting us vote!

Kim 🙂

#3 with a few tweaks 🙂

Remove line and add space between Live Inspired.

Love the new look and branding!

The font is perfect in number 3…especially like the “J”…the only thing that would make it better is for O’Leary to have a little black mixed in it like on number 6. I don’t like the black in the flame, though. Just in O’Leary. Hope this helps, John!

I like both 2 and 6. I like 2 because it ties in with your current branding with Rising Above. I think is important to remain consistent with your branding. Aesthetically, I probably like 6 better, but I think consistency trumps. My two cents

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