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Ready for a “Do-Over”? (Today is your lucky day!)

Can I get a do over

“Enjoy it. Learn from it. And more than anything, never take your life for granted. Don’t just seize the day. Seize the moment. Every single one.” – C. Wade [Tweet this.] [Share on Facebook.]

Relieved woman is ready for a "Do-Over"Being home more during the summer has provided the opportunity to play a lot more with my kids. It’s been awesome and exhausting. I’m like a full-time referee, surgeon, counselor, student, tutor, gamer, friend, boss. In other words, a Dad.

Perhaps my favorite expression these kids use every day is: “I want a Do-Over.”

I want a Do-Over. They work well when Dad beats them in ping pong, or a brother beats them in basketball, or a sister beats them in a friendly (frequently turning violent) game of Sorry.

But it is also an expression that I’m convinced could be transformative for adults.

Actually, I recently read about a study in which a group of people who were 95 years old were each asked one simple question. What’s your biggest regret? In other words, if you could go back in time what would you choose to “Do-Over”?

The three answers shared most frequently were:

  1. Risk more.
  2. Reflect more.
  3. Do more that will live on after I die.

My friend, what sage wisdom from women and men who lived more than nine decades! The greatest regrets of their lives should serve as simple challenges in ours.

Take more risks. Be bold in our professions, in our relationships, with our words and in our lives. Not from a place of fear, but from a place of appreciation for what is possible.

Reflect more. Life frequently feels like a sprint. Days get busy, lists of tasks and expectations get long. Years go by quickly. But a life without reflection and intention is not a life of real meaning. So slow down. Breathe. Journal. Pray. Reflect. Celebrate this moment.

Do more that will live on after you die. We all know that what we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others lives on through the ripple effect of our lives. The wisdom of these elders reminds us to actually live into it. Serve. Visit the neighbor. Donate time. Give money. Make your life about a cause.

Don’t wait until you are 95 and someone asks you what you wish you’d done during your life. Begin now. [Tweet this.]

This is your chance. Take your “Do-Over.” This is your chance to start anew. This is your opportunity to say I’m sorry…or…I love you…or…let’s try again. This is your moment to no longer be held back by past hurts and mistakes. This is your invitation to enjoy every moment. Every single one.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

Friend, today you are granted a Do-Over! Share in the comments below how you will use this chance to start a fresh chapter. I can’t wait to hear!

8 replies on “Ready for a “Do-Over”? (Today is your lucky day!)”

I also want to apologize and work on my relationship with my step son Cody. To let him know that I love him and I’m sorry for just walking out of his life even though his dad and I got a divorce. I want this do over to hopefully rebuild our relationship back.

I want to ask God to help work on my relationship with my daughter. We have been strained and I want to have a better relationship with her. I also ask God to help me with being able to get out more and to help others in my community with my time. I going to start with just visiting my neighbor and trying to make a little difference. I want to be able to work with woman and men who have been in abusive relationships.

My Do-Over is going back to basics in a specific relationship. Moving away from the negative aspects and re-focusing on the positive.

Fantastic. The basics – one day at a time. Sometimes all we need is that “do over” to get into the right direction. J

Thank you for giving me this morning a do-over and I’ll make sure every day before I rest my head to sleep that I will reflect and call to God to ask him if he could give me the strength to have a legacy.As well as the strength to take more risks.So I can take that leap today to do more.

Fantastic! Thanks for taking advantage of your do over! Hope your nightly reflections are serving you well. Today is your day! J

I’m using this do-over to rebuild my life with my son. He has been through several addictions and the damage is great. I have a great wife who is encouraging me but there is much to work through. The process is started…

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