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Vlog 30 :: Do You Need to Get Realigned?

Here we are in July – half way through summer. More than half way through the year. I wonder if you, your organization, your family could maybe use a realignment?

Sometimes we get so busy, and hold onto the wheel of life so tight, that we don’t realize we are slipping to the left. That we are a bit out of wack in our relationships or finances. That if we could just get a quick realignment: we could be cruising without being tugged in different directions.

Let my Wednesday #inspiration vlog help you take pause, make sure you are cruising straight down your path of life…and to help you live inspired.

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John, I love the VLOG and all of the lessons/messages/stories you share. I’d like permission to use some of them in my Sunday sermons. You are so dynamic. When my performance/speaking engagement at Unity Christ Church in St. Louis is confirmed, I will let you know — and hopefully, there won’t be a snowstorm this time to prevent me from getting there. I look forward to seeing you again and continuing to be INSPIRED by you! Blessings!!! Rev. Sandra Campbell, Unity Temple on the Plaza, Kansas City, MO

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