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“Keeping track of life is understanding that managing life is the tendency but living is the goal.” – Rachel Macy Stafford

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Best selling author, Rachel Macy Stafford, wrote Hands Free Life – a great tool to: Live Inspired.

My favorite title in life is, “Dad.”

And perhaps my favorite task of being a dad is putting my kids to bed. I love the smell of baby shampoo, the coziness of pajamas, the comfort of bedtime stories and the prayers we share.

And my favorite part is that, in this quiet time, they share what’s going on in their days and questions bubbling up in their hearts.

Last Thursday, while tucking in Patrick, and sharing that I’d be gone before he got up in the morning, he asked, “Dad, why do you work?”

Good question, Patrick!

I shared that I work because it helps support our family and it pays our bills. I work because we can be generous with others, because it encourages individuals and organizations to Live Inspired. I work because work, all work, is sacred; it does matter. And I work because I want the world to be better tomorrow than it is today.

After hearing my response, Patrick yawned, rolled toward the wall and was finally ready for bed.

But, my friend, his question is relevant to all of us.
Not only why do we work, but why do we do all the things we do in life? Why do we create? Why do we sing? Why do we love? Why do we worry? Why do we shop? Why do we strive? Why do we save? Why do we hope?

Why are we here?

In the race through life, from one meeting into the next, one day into the next, one year into the next, it’s critically important to slow down, to catch your breath, to look around, to reflect, and to consider what you are doing here; what actually matters.

Last week I had the opportunity to read a phenomenal book that’s helping me better savor the gift of each day. I also had the chance to interview the talented author. The book is Hands Free Life and the author is Rachel Macy Stafford. If you feel like sometimes you’ve got too much going on and you’re losing track of what really matters, I encourage you to check it out. Rachel provides a simple, actionable road map to create the habits of living better.

One of the my favorite challenges from Rachel is to vow today, “to notice the good before the bad…the right instead of the wrong…the blessings above the inconveniences…the strengths rather than the weaknesses. Focusing on the positive is the key to finding joy in the most unsuspecting places and in the most challenging times. Today I will notice the good. Bring on the joy!” [Tweet this.]

My friends, managing life is our tendency. But really living life is our goal.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

Listen to my first Live Inspired. Podcast interview with Rachel Macy Stafford, here.

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