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Live Inspired. Vlog #50 :: What’s Your High-5 Moment Today?

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Take a minute to watch this video. Once you do – post in the comments what your high five moment is today.

My friends, this is OUR day. Live Inspired.

1 reply on “Live Inspired. Vlog #50 :: What’s Your High-5 Moment Today?”

Thank you for your inspirational videos and words. Loved this video and also read your “Is that all there is?” What great reminders to Enjoy and celebrate all the small and Big things in life!! Little victories and Large family gatherings — not to take any for grant it!! I had a get together with my large fun loving family this last Saturday — 30 in all at my house. I always get stressed before hand but love it! One of the young great nepew’s 4 years old — was walking around and he seemed to be swinging at me — I said you can’t hit! He raised his hand and said ” High Five!” You see he was not swinging just high Fiving!! Wow did I feel small 🙂 — and this morning I read this. I am going to have a High five day today ! God Bless you and your family and Merry Christmas!!

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