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02-29-16 Are You Happy Crying“Are you happy crying?”

It’s not often that young siblings bend over backwards to be nice to one another. You’re usually more likely to find them fighting over the front seat or taking each other’s things than finding ways to selflessly care for one another.

A video recently posted to Facebook, though, shows that there are absolutely exceptions to this “rule.”

In the video, six-year-old Abigail surprises her nine-year-old brother Daniel with a hamster that she bought with her own birthday money. Daniel, who had wanted one for some time, broke down in tears after receiving the gift from his sister. Shocked by her brother’s reaction, Abigail had to ask the question above.

Abigail went “All In” to show her brother how much she loved him. Abigail’s selflessness for her brother reminds me of a very specific story from my childhood that involves my little sister Susan. In my new Huffington Post article, I share the excerpt from my new book On Fire that includes this story.

Read the full article and share your own stories of sibling love.

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