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Live Inspired Vlog #61: What Do You Choose?

Vlog #61

“Before everyone are life and death. Whichever they choose will be given to them.” – Sirach

After being burned on 100% of my body nearly 30 years ago, I needed this reminder, but more importantly I think it is a reminder we all need each and every day. We must choose to not just be awake, but to truly live.

My challenge to you today is one that shares hope, possibility, empowerment, and life and allows you to inspire all those around you to not just get out of bed each day, but to instead be On Fire for their lives.

Watch the video and Live Inspired.

1 reply on “Live Inspired Vlog #61: What Do You Choose?”

thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. I first heard you on Dr. Michelle Robin’s podcast. I was amazed by your story and your attitude toward life. I’m going through some dark times right now, but your passion gives me hope for a happier moment— the next moment I can choose happiness. Thank you.

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